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95-7 RnB Entertainment Report

Jay Z, Beyonce Top Forbes’ List of Highest Earning Celeb Couples

Power couple Jay Z and Beyonce are the highest-earning celebrity couple of 2013. They earned a combined $95 million through album sales, touring and business ventures. Right behind is NFL star QB Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen, with $80 million.

Shonda Rhimes welcomes third daughter

TV producer & creator of ABC's "Scandal" Shonda Rhimes announced via Twitter she is now the mother of three children. No other details about the baby, such as her name or birth date, were immediately available. She previously adopted daughters Harper and Emerson.

Taye Diggs Moving in on Fox's 'New Girl'

Taye Diggs is about to shake things up on Fox's "New Girl." He will guest-star on the sitcom as Artie, a smoothand confident ladies' man. His episode, the 7th of the season, shoots next week, "New Girl" airs Tuesdays at 9 on Fox.


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Bob Thomas interviews Dr. Dennis Kimbro (author of The Wealth Choice)

Meet and hear Dr. Kimbro at Africana 2013, Friday, August 23, 2013 at The Sheraton Oceanfront, 1 - 3 p.m., for an Entrepreneurs Roundtable.  Be apart of a discussion of the “inside” Do’s and Dont’s from some of America’s most successful African American business people.
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Bob Thomas interviews John Legend at BET Awards 2013

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Bob Thomas interviews Lyfe Jennings at the BET Awards 2013

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95-7 RnB Entertainment Report

Chris Brown has wall graffiti art painted over
Chris Brown is kissing his precious graffiti monsters goodbye. While it looks like he lost the war to keep the "art" on his Hollywood Hills home -- Chris is saying it's coming down by his choice.

He has been fighting the city of L.A. since May over the graffiti he plastered on an exterior wall of the house -- claiming it's protected by the 1st Amendment.

After neighbors complained the images were a blight on the block ... the city threatened to slap Chris with a heavy fine -- but on Thursday workers slapped a fresh layer of paint on the concrete wall.

He remains defiant ... and only covered up the painted creatures because he wanted to -- NOT because of the city's threats.  The LA Building Department of Safety says if its inspectors are satisfied the graffiti is covered today ... Chris will not be fined.

Mariah Carey leaves hospital, still plans to perform at NYC befefit concert
Mariah Carey posted a light-hearted video of herself leaving the hospital with her arm in a sling.

Arriving at her car in a wheelchair, she joked about dislocating her shoulder, admitting that she was going to finish off the music video that she started.

She still plans to perform Saturday at Central Park to benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Jay-Z reveals Obama texts
Jay-Z and President Obama often text each other.

The rapper and the President are close friends and Jay-Z revealed he exchanges text messages with the Commander-in-Chief.

The pair chat about many different things. One of the topics they discussed was last year's presidential election when Obama ran against Mitt Romney.

He said: ''I don't know if this is breaching national security. But when he was getting elected the second time, he was like, 'Hey, you know, fourth quarter, just give me the ball.'

''I said, 'word.'''

Earlier this year, Jay-Z's wife Beyonce Knowles performed at the president's second inauguration.

Beyonce also performed a cover of Etta James' 'At Last' for the President and First Lady Michelle Obama during one of the Inaugural Balls four years ago.

Lionel Richie proud of his timeless hits
Lionel Richie is proud his romantic tracks have become timeless hits.

The 64-year-old singer worried about becoming a ''laughing stock'' with some of his material from 70s and 80s, and never expected his songs to still be relevant and such big wedding hits.

''I do big business in weddings, between 'Truly', 'Endless Love' and 'Three Times A Lady'. I mean, I have the words 'I love you' sewn up. I wasn't really conscious of the songs being so timeless when I wrote them.

Lionel released an album of country versions of his tracks for his last album, vows to return to his R&B roots on the next, and has been stockpiling ideas ready for recording.

''I'm a granddaddy, and there's some songs I want to write about that. I have to dig into my soul to write about these things.''
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Bob Thomas interviews Elle Varner at BET Awards 2013

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Bob Thomas interviews Coco Jones at BET Awards 2013

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Now that I have turned 47 years old, this is What I Know for Sure…..

I should have gotten that boob job ten years ago, because if these things get any longer I will be jumping rope with them.

The definition of Poise no longer means to me: to place or hold in a steady position. It now means something I have to wear to protect me when I laugh, sneeze or cough.

I really do not like people!

My th...ighs rub together so hard when I walk; I think that somebody is barbequing! Then I say to myself, Lawd Jezus it’s a Fire!

A glass of wine does the body good, but a bottle of wine does the body great!

Menopause has me sweating like I stole something, crying for no reason, gaining weight like I’m pregnant, mad cause I can’t remember one day from the next, sleeping in an ungodly fashion, waking up every morning with a TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro) and going bald errwhere!! I’m literally a hot mess!

I still love spending time with Kristin and Collin. I’m so thankful for them!

I have learned to forgive myself.

I believe in paying tithe

My favorite hymn is, “Oh How I Love Jesus.” I still cry every time hear it.

My teeth hurt! Moyock here I come!

I miss my mommie and my brother Ronnie

I want to spend the rest of my life helping children

I still believe in love. Now will I ever marry again well…..ain’t nobody got time for dat!

I want to go heaven

I am a loner

I have finally accepted that I will never get back to a size 5. I have embraced my size 10, but why is size 12 starring me in my face!

I want to live in Nice, France

Cussing is a stress reliever

I have one best friend and a possible

Sounds come out of me in the mornings that are not suitable for the human ear or nose

Church is good for my soul

I laugh more than I cry, eat more than I should, talk to myself and answer myself daily, sing off key, cuss every now and then, ask for forgiveness often, pray every day, and love God with all my heart, mind, body and soul

For all of you who know the words of prayer, pray my strength in the Lawd and you shall have my prayers
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95-7 RnB Entertainment Report

Steve Harvey show green-lighted another 2 seasons
“Steve Harvey” has solidified its status as the breakout new syndicated talk show of 2012-13.

The show has been picked up by its syndicator for two additional seasons, through 2016, in more than 65% of the U.S.

Steve got off to a solid start last fall and by the May sweep, it was the #1 new first-run show with women nationally, topping fellow rookie talk show “Katie.”

Additionally, Harvey received a 2013 People’s Choice Award as Favorite New Daytime Show Host.

Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry Talk Show ‘The Real’ Debuts July 15
“The Real,” a new female panel daily syndicated talk show, is getting a summer trial run on Fox stations.

The program, hosted by Tamera Mowry-Housley, Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon and Jeannie Mai, will launch July 15 and air in seven markets.

Producers said, “They have great chemistry, are fearless and so entertaining, and will bring a much needed younger point of view and sensibility to daytime this summer.”

“The Real” will be based in Los Angeles.

Halle Berry is expecting a boy
Halle Berry's fiance, French actor Olivier Martinez, told the pregnant Hollywood actress is expecting a boy.

"My son will be an American, but I remain French," Martinez said in Paris Wednesday.

Berry confirmed in April she was three months pregnant, but she said at the time she didn't know the baby's gender.

She also has a 5-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

''This pregnancy is like a miracle for me, an amazing gift, because this child was as wished for as it was expected. It's like a renewal of life ... Good things happen too.''

Bruno Mars Thanks Fans for ‘All the Love’ After Mom’s Death
Bruno Mars took a moment to thank fans for their well wishes as he continues to cope with the sudden loss of his mother, Bernadette Hernandez

“So thankful for all the love during the most difficult time in my life,” he tweeted Friday morning. “I’ll be back on my feet again soon. That’s what mom wants, she told me.”

Hernandez died June 1 at age 55 in Honolulu of a brain aneurysm. A former hula dancer and singer from the Philippines, she encouraged her son to pursue his musical dreams.

The Bruno nickname emerged when the singer was a toddler, because he resembled a famous wrestler named Bruno Sammartino.

He took on the name Mars out of frustration. He had to change his name to literally sound like he was from another planet so record labels would stop trying to make him the next Enrique Iglesias.

Bruno Mars’ “Moonshine Jungle” tour kicks off June 22 in Washington DC.
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95-7 RnB Entertainment Report

Oprah Winfrey Donates $12 Million To Washington, D.C. Museum
Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has donated $12 million to the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.

The gift will help cover the costs of the building, currently under construction and due to open in 2015.
The owners will name the site's 350-seat theater in her honor.

“By investing in this museum, I want to help ensure that we both honor and preserve our culture and history, so that the stories of who we are will live on for generations to come."

She has been on the museum's advisory council for nearly a decade, and previously cut a $1 million cheque to the organization in 2007.

Lawsuit claims R&B artist Ryan Leslie is hiding assets
An R&B artist ordered by a New York federal jury last year to cough up the $1 million reward he promised for the return of his laptop is hiding his assets to weasel out of paying the bill, a new lawsuit claims.

Businessman Armin Augstein found the MacBook Pro and a separate hard drive on a park bench in Germany in 2010.

He spent two years dogging songwriter Ryan Leslie to make good on his promised reward.

Leslie objected to paying up because he couldn’t retrieve his recording sessions from the hard drive. Augstein won a federal jury verdict against the musician and his company NextSelection for $1.18 million.

Leslie still hasn’t paid a dime, so Augstein is asking state judges to order that Leslie pay up from funds held by the corporation that pays all of Leslie’s personal bills.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

‘Hip Hop Sisters’ Among Four New Reality Shows at BET
BET is building up its unscripted offerings, putting four unscripted pilots into development this year – including a reality show featuring MC Lyte, The Lady of Rage, Yo Yo, Smooth, Monie Love and Lil Mama attempting to relaunch their careers.

Titled “Hip Hop Sisters,” the series joins a fitness entry featuring celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

A music competition series features once-big secular singers trying gospel.

Each of the four projects, BET noted in announcing the news Tuesday, displays the “thrills and triumphs” of second chances experienced through transformations of health, spirit, career and character.

BET unveiled a robust slate in April featuring the renewals of six series including “Let’s Stay Together,” “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and “The Sheards.”

Chris Brown girlfriend Karrueche Tran loses phone
Karrueche Tran, the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Chris Brown,lost her phone.

She has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of any explicit material on it, but she was the one to announce the theft of the phone on Twitter:


Her Twitter followers began to inquire about possible nude photos. None claimed to have seen any so far.

There is speculation about whether or not Brown and Tran are even together. A photo posted by Brown's friend, Kid Red, indicates they are. The caption reads: "No friendship without love!
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