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Posts from October 2014

Secret to Life

A couple of month ago, I met an eight (80) year old man at a local restaurant. We struck up a conversation during which time he told me the secret to life. He said, "Life is not difficult, we (humans) make it difficult. There are three things that comprise the secret of life. The first is LOVE, love someone and be loved by someone, the second is HELP, help someone and someone will help you and third, ENJOY, find something that you enjoy, it doesn't have to be the same thing someone else enjoys." After thinking this over for a couple of days, it dawned on me that this elderly gentlemen was absolutely correct. I felt so blessed to have been given this tidbit of wisdom from one much older than I. One who has experienced a lot more of life than I. The following video is an example of all three of these principles. If the man in question didn't have LOVE in his heart, he wouldn't have offered HELP and it's obvious .... ENJOYment was felt by all.
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How 'Bout Dem Cowboys?

My wife and sons would beg to differ whenever I make that rallying cry.  You see for years I was an ardent Washington fan.  I love DC.  I think it’s the most interesting and powerful city in the world.    We bought our first home there.   I started my radio career at the Navy Radio News service while stationed at the Pentagon.   I was there during the team’s glory days.  When guys like Doug Williams, Art Monk, John Riggins and that powerhouse front line known as the hogs reign supreme.  Notice here that I have yet to refer to the NFL franchise by its mascot name.  I’m taking a stand with Native American’s – the indigenous people of this country - who feel that the name is a derogatory slur.  They want it dropped and I agree with them.    Sure the term has been romanticized over the decades.  But as anyone who grew up on a steady diet of TV westerns know that the term was used as an attack on one’s humanity
I came of age politically while living in DC.  I was a member of Operation PUSH.   I marched alongside Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Dick Gregory and countless others in an effort to push legislation recognizing Dr. King’s birthday a national holiday.   But I don’t think Washington’s football team is entitled to slander native people.  I could love the team without the name
Besides, I got nothing but love for Texas.   When I was a younger man in search of adventure and the ultimate party, I ran off and joined the Navy.  After boot camp I got stationed in a Texas town so small few Texans have heard of it.  Beeville, Texas.  It was an advance jet training command stuck out in the boonies to perhaps avoid an aircraft mishap.  What a bust.   But after about a year being there, I met a beautiful young woman who later became my wife.  I bought my first set of wheels there.  A 1972 Grand Torino with a 351 Cleveland engine.  The kind Starsky & Hutch drove.  So I have fond memories and strong ties to Texas.  And no matter if my family welcomes me to the fold - I’m here.   Unless Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington franchise, join the many states and school district across the country in refusing to say it’s ok to marginalize native people.
 Now how ‘bout them Cowboys?
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Soul Train Music Awards!!

This year at the Soul Train Music Awards Missy Elliot , Lil Kim and Da Brat will reunite. Also performing are Tamar Braxton, Tank, Aloe Blacc and many others! Chris Brown has seven nominations, and will perform, Beyonce has six nominations and Hampton Roads own Pharrell Williams has 5 nominations. I'm so excited to be heading to Vegas to cover the 2014 Soul Train Awards Wanna join me? #soultrainweekend
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Time & Blood: Life's Most Precious Commodity-

I donated blood last Friday for the second time in my adult life. You’re probably thinking…no big whoop. Well it is for me. I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to needles and the thought of blood being drained from my body. It used to be scary but all that changed recently. Our sister station Z-104 conducts blood drives frequently here at the station. I got to see the dedicated people from the Red Cross and the many donors who unselfishly gave two of life’s most precious commodity – their time and their blood. I was compelled to do the same. And I feel good about it! I discovered that I have A- type blood. It’s a rare, yet powerful type that only 6% of the population has. I also learned recently while conducting an interview with Judy Anderson, Executive Director of the local Sickle Cell Association, that sickle cell patients often need blood transfusions. My younger and only brother passed away years ago due to complications from sickle cell. I now take comfort in knowing that my blood could improve the quality of life of someone like my brother who passed away at an earlier age. If you’re a blood donor – bless you. If not, please consider becoming one. Consider it an investment in your or someone you love life. (Be sure to check out my interview with Judy Anderson of the Sickle Cell Association 7am, Sunday, November 2nd during our community affairs segment – Hampton Roads Perspective. And make plans to attend their Sickle Cell Celebrity Black Tie and Benefit Gala. Details at the Community Affairs/PSA page here on our website.)
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Where Have All The Great RnB Bands Gone?

Where Have All The Great RnB Bands Gone?
If you’re a purveyor of smooth RnB from yesterday and today you’re probably just as ecstatic as I am about our Soul Music Festival at the Hampton Coliseum next Saturday night.   In addition to enjoying the grown-folk sounds of The Whispers, Stephanie Mills and Chrisettee Michelle , I’m especially looking forward to seeing Mint Condition.  Mint Condition represents the last of the dazzling, highly energetic live bands.  In the early 90’s, they were the only high-profile R&B band with a major-label recording contract.  They’re seeped in the tradition of great bands from back in the day like Earth, Wind & Fire, The Ohio Players, The Isley Brothers and most recently Tony! Toni! Tone!  Sadly, there are no major high-profile R&B bands these days.  Young people don’t play in bands like they did when I was growing up.  Back in my day, every high school had at least two or more group of kids who played instruments in a band.   I don’t think you can find that nowadays.  I can only think of just a handful of tight local R&B bands.    Ra Jazz comes to mine.  So does Kustom Made (shout-out to my man Terry).   The only place today where you can find young people developing their sound and their chops is in the church.   But if you love smooth grooving music that’ll get your head nodding and your hips swaying along with the music – be sure to be at our Soul Festival next weekend when the curtain goes up on Mint Condition.
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Wine Festival Good Times

I really enjoyed the the Town Point Virginia Wine Festival this past weekend. I had a chance to meet Senator Mark Warner and Mayor Paul Fraim. Speaking of Senator Mark Warner don't forget to exercise your right to vote on Tuesday November 4th. Great wine and good times! Theressa
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Reality TV

Reality TV
For the like of me I can’t fathom the popularity of TV reality shows.  Particularly The Real Housewives of wherever variety.    You know the type.  I’m talking about the ones where they assemble upwardly mobile, attractive women who behave ugly.  What’s so entertaining about that?  Reality TV is akin to WWF wrestling.  No.  I take that back.  Participating in the WFF involves a degree of athleticism.  To be in a reality show you pretty much have to be devoid of civility, easily provoked and lacking compassion.  Glamorized vulgarity and a sense of materialism are also desirable.  There’s nothing “real” about reality TV.  People change whenever there’s a mike or camera around.    They become self-conscience of how they look and speak.  Reality TV shows may not be scripted but I’m sure the participants are given some sort of story line to follow, and are probably coached in what to say or how to behave.    Even the term reality TV is bogus, a misnomer, a contradiction of terms.  I watch TV to escape reality.   If I wanted reality, I’d shut the TV off and talk with my sons about their goals in life.
On second thought – pass me the remote.
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Grown Folks Dancing!

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Charles interviews Mike Epps!

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What Up! What Up! What Upppp!

What Up!   What Up!  What Upppp!
I got a chance to catch comedian Earthquake at the Virginia Beach Comedy Club over the weekend.    Big man blew up the spot!  His biting satirical views on interracial dating, the military, parenting and relationships where hilarious and was expected from an A-list comedian.  Bu what impressed me most about his performance – what was most unique was his stage persona?  Watching his performance was like hanging out at the barbershop listening to that one dude who can have everyone in stiches the minute he walks into the shop    Watching Earthquake perform reminded me of the late Miles Davis.  Like Miles, Earthquake would often turn his back to the audiences or lean against the wall as if he was reflecting.  He didn’t necessarily tell jokes – like Miles – he riffs.  In fact he would often say aside, “this ain’t comedy…this is real life.”  His brand of humor while funny and oftentimes risqué was always thought-provoking and brutally honest.
Check him out the next time he comes to the Virginia Beach Funny Beach Comedy Club and be sure to check out my interview with Earthquake at
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