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Charles Black



How was your weekend?Watched a lot of football and chilled at kazmos.I also ate too much.The temptation of a burger,man it's hard.I got my first one in about two weeks yesterday,it  was pretty good.Today I thinking about fish.But I could go for some good baked ,fried,or grilled fish errday. Listening to a coworker talk about love today.I was like wow,why are relationships so difficult.There must a hundreds of books on the subject.It's like weight loss,and drugs.I don't think "they "want you to get better.There's more money in division than unity.

11/09/2009 2:06PM
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11/12/2009 4:38PM
I can't find you on facebook.... I've been trying and trying. WHERE ARE YOU????
12/05/2009 9:46PM
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03/23/2010 12:39AM
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