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Charles Black



Wow,it's raining,it's cold,and I'm a little tired,but today is a beautiful day.My raiders won a game yesterday.A game no one thought they would win.They played Cincy, number one team in the division at the time.I was just watching cause they were on.They're not on much ya know.I, like the rest of the world was shocked when they won.I know a lot of folks are saying "big deal" well yeah it is man.If you were really hungry you wouldn't sweat  if it was BK.Mickey d,Wendy's,7-11,etc.You just want some food. I wish I had the words to tell you how my heart has been touched by the c.b.c.d.The clothes are coming in faster than I can get them out,BUT HEY,I'm not complaining don't stop.It is a blessing.The folks at military circle are joining forces with 95-7 rnb on the weekend of dec.4 from 12-2.They're giving you  Cash for Clothes.Get $10.00 for your gently used clothes.I've got more details on the way so stay close.

11/23/2009 1:18PM
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11/27/2009 1:50PM
I was listning the other day and you ask where you could get some good fish from Pirates Cove,best fish in town.Its located on Battlefield Blvd.down from Ches.General Hospital.
11/30/2009 12:13PM
Khalilah Young
I want to first of all say hello, I am not exactly sure who everyone is on your station, because I recently relocated here, but the pics help!! thanx. I have a question I was listening to your station and heard a commercial for a school or place of employment, by the name of CPC. I couldn't get all the info at the time,b/c I was driving, but if you could help me out I would really appreciate it. The industry is in the healthcare field, like CNAS, and PCAs. I have tried to llok it up online and came up with nothing. Thank you so much for your time and have a good day.
03/23/2010 1:46AM
DcMqpu djohdiievsfn, [url=]fpijdihwsfox[/url], [link=]yeiszkbtfooy[/link],
04/03/2010 3:51PM
battlefield blvd
[...] ... a lot of roads that lead to healthy eating and they all aren't the SkinnyRunner Boulevard. ...95.7 RnB 11-23-09I was listning the other day and you ask where you could get some good fish from Pirates Cove,best [...]
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