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Whew! It's been a while since I shouted at you.Blame it on me,cause that's where it should be placed.Yes I've been busy,very busy,just like you I guess,but that's no excuse.I have had my joy jacked by this cold icy weather,but I can't get by with that .I spend a lot of time on facebook,and yes I type like a fourth grader...but hey I should have blogged.I know it,you know it,errbody knows it.I can say I'll do better,but what does that mean?Until you can look back down the road months from now and say"That brother said he was going to blog more and he did mein" it's an empty statement,just a bunch of words....And it's not like there's not a lot to talk about.The dude who flew his plane into the IRS office(insert joke here).The woman who was drowned by a killer whale.The nude church here in va.The SOL drama.The gov. in s.c.Gays in the military.Women on subs.(I mean the ship in the navy for all y'all freaky folk).Tiger Woods.Haiti.Valentine's day.The Superbowl.Weight for a man.Way too much snow.My  homegirl coming to a crossroads in her life.There's a lot going on,and we need to talk about some of it right here.I promise to try and do that . BUT...I'd like to ask something of you if I could...If you can find it in your heart,and your time to check on me now and then,and remind me to keep my blog tight.I will be in your debt. Thank you,and God bless.

02/25/2010 11:05AM
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03/10/2010 6:55AM
Yolanda Moton
will there be another drop off site, ( Newport News Va.), for clothing anytime soon
03/23/2010 2:05PM
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