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05/07/2010 1:10PM
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05/09/2010 10:50AM
carolyn Miller
Mr. Black, First let me said I saw you last night at the Steve Harvey show and you looked great. I have not seen you in a few years and was surprised and very happy to see the weight loss. I know it must have been a stuggle but I am very happy about your accomplishments and trust your health and every thing about you has improved. Praise God!!! As for Cobey Harvey oh I mean Steve :) It was a great show. I haven't laughed like that in some time. All the entertainment was excellant. Thanks for bringing this quality of entertainment to the Norfolk/country :)area. I left the show very uplifted. God Bless
05/09/2010 10:59AM
carolyn Miller
Oh Mr. Black I forgot to mention I lose a very expense pair of prescription glasses and don't know how to even start to see if some one might have turned them in to a lost & found dept or one of the security or personnel working. I left an inquiry at the Seven Venues. Any assistance you can give would be deeply appreciated. I loved the show & would love to have fond memories and not think about the cost of replacing glasses and the cost of the tickets. WOW one expensive eveing. Peace
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