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A KING'S Weekend 'n da DOMINION

31 Aug 09


This past weekend was made for fun…….at King’s Dominion.  The last time I was at King’s Dominion, I was with my 14 year old son.  He’s 28 now.  So, it’s been awhile.  My Nephew, his fiancé, my wife and I, all headed to King’s Dominion in search of fun.  We arrived around 2pm. 






I figured we’d stay until  6 or 7, then head back to the Peninsula.  WRONG!!  We closed King’s Dominion….meaning we left when the park closed for the night which was well after 10pm.  We rode every rollercoaster there except the wooden ones (they jerk you around too much for my liking) and the Ricochet (which had a lot of sharp turns). I haven’t had that much fun at an amusement park since....... Bobby Brown left New Edition.  Our first stop was the Dominator, the longest, floorless rollercoaster in the world……………





  The first thing that caught my attention was that there were larger seats for larger riders…..





.......they may as well have put on the sign....."Bob, sit yo big butt right here."  Man this coaster has vertical loops, cobra rolls and interlocking corkscrews.  Whew!  What a rush!!



We’re still pumped after the Dominator, so we decided to check out The Avalanche which was right beside the Dominator.  The Avalanche was tame compared to the Dominator but we got an interesting view. ..….




By the way, that was me hollering "woo"....... until that sucka got to moving fast,  You'll notice I shut up then.  Meanwhile, The Berserker was cool but a little boring to me…..back and forth……back and forth….then you’re upside down....whoopee.



It’s only fun if you’re on the ground catching all the change and money falling out of people’s pockets.  Matter of fact, this was the last ride I experienced with my son some 14 years ago. (By the way, I lost all my change that day too).   We headed to the Anaconda next (another rollercoaster).  This bad boy has a 144 foot drop and it’s the first looping coaster in the world that has an underwater tunnel.  Yep, you actually travel underwater……but it’s so fast… don’t even realize it.




Boy-eee….we were running around King’s Dominion like 12 year olds.  Here, there, over yonder, everywhere…..the only rides we were interested in were the thrill rides.  However, we decided to slow the pace a little taste by riding one of those non-thrilling family rides……”The Blue Ridge Tollway:”  Antique cars (Model T, etc) slowly traversing a road course.  You step on the pedal and off you go and the steering wheel is on the right side of the car.  Didn’t look like much….2 miles an hour……winding road… big deal.  My wife insisted on driving, which was fine with me.  Next thing I know, she's weaving all over the road and there's a 3 car back up behind us.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  She commutes half way round the beltway to Chesapeake daily in rush hour traffic but was having difficulty driving THIS?  If the Po-po had been out there, they would have pulled her over for suspected DUI.  So the non-thrilling ride turned out to be quite THRILLING after all.  That got us pumped for some real excitement… off we headed to VOLCANO, the Blast Coaster.  But on the way, we saw the “Back Lot Stunt Coaster"..................



  which looked like a kiddie coaster.  We figured, ahhh, what the heck.  Let me tell you, that little sucka was "ALL DAT" whooped and flew around that track like nobody’s business .  We were NOTready for it …..whoosh……AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  When I got off that sucka, I was wobbly legged…..couldn’t walk straight for nothing…..I was facing straight….but walking to the right.  So it took us a minute to get to Volcano, the Blast Coaster.  The line was longer there than anywhere else we had gone…….we figured that meant that this coaster was the jimmy jank (the best). 



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08/31/2009 12:10AM
A KING'S Weekend 'n da DOMINION
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09/03/2009 4:34AM
You're a brave soul! I can't do rollercoasters.
03/23/2010 3:48PM
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03/30/2010 2:18PM
kiddie coaster
[...] , with it's Merry Go Round, spinning Tea Cups, Frog Hoppers and the Wacky Worm Kiddie Coaster. ...95.7 RnB A KING'S Weekend n da DOMINIONThis bad boy has a 144 foot drop and it's the first looping coaster in the world that has an [...]
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