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Aerobics put a hurtin on me

July 7, 2009 Last evening I took a step aerobics class. Now mind you I have not taken a step aerobics class in years. I began talking to one sista about the class. She said that she had been taking the class for a minute and since it has been awhile for me to just take it easy. She also said that I should not add the the two planks to the step and just take it easy. Well I thought I am a runner and I am not that old and out of shape. Okay that's what my mind said, but ten minutes into the class, my body began to cuss me out!!! What the hello was I doing, I was breathing heavier than I have breathed in a long time, so you know what that means. That's so sad, but we will talk about that at another time. Anyway my entire face turned red and I kept stopping for water breaks. Hell I needed a gallon of water, because I sucked that one bottle of water up so fast, you would  have thought that I was working out in the sun all day. Hell I felt like it!!! After the class I walked out delirious not knowing what just happened to me. Did I actually stay in the class for the entire hour? I got in my car and drove home in a daze. When I walked in the house the children asked me what happened, I told them that I took a step aerobics class. Kristin looked at me like poor mommie. Collin said now mother you know you are too old to be doing that. I just walked upstairs straight to my bathroom to run a cold shower to cool off. My hair had sweated back so bad and when I took off my clothes and everything thing fell, I looked like I came scraight from the motherland. I just closed my eyes and got in the shower. That was the best cold shower and my body began to relax. I then took a forty-five minute walk in my neighborhood. I know you are thinking had I lost my mind and the answer is yes!!!!!! Then last night I could not get in my bed. Since my bed sits up a little high, I got Collin to help me get in the bed. After a lot of stretching this morning, I am not as sore and will be back in the class on Wednesday.

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07/28/2009 8:18AM
Aerobics put a hurtin on me
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09/07/2009 8:46AM
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