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An Evening of Blessings at The Attucks Theatre On Saturday February 20, 2010

IMG_2095 The Virginia Beach Interdenominational Choir IMG_2231 Bishop Barnett Karl Thoroughgood IMG_2230 RaJazz IMG_2192 Maury High School Gospel Choir IMG_2153 Michol Marie IMG_2148 Tomorrow's Image Barber Shop IMG_2136 Charles, Theressa and Bob IMG_2120 Jeff and Theressa ">IMG_2119 Tanya, Theressa, Kristin, Cherrese, and Yolanda IMG_2111 Theressa, Kristin and Collin IMG_2109 Theressa, Kristin and Tanya IMG_2108 Anthony Sutton and Daughter IMG_2107 Cherrese and Cocoa Butter IMG_2106 Anthony Hairston IMG_2099 IMG_2095

02/23/2010 8:24AM
An Evening of Blessings at The Attucks Theatre On Saturday February 20, 2010
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02/27/2010 1:56AM
Vanette Davenport
Hi Teresa, I am an independent jewelry consultant with "Cookie Lee" jewelry company, located in CA since 1985. I would like to talk to you about doing a fundraiser for your Reading and Suceeding mentoring program and donate my 50% profit share. My purpose is two fold I love and respect this program that is your baby and heart. I was a successful Home Interiors consultant for 15 years. My passion is helping women and mentoring girls. I have 4 young ladies that I have taken under my wing at 3rd Baptist Church, Victoria Blvd Hampton, VA. I believe in the power of home based shows and I believe a lot of women are unaware of the business opportunities and money that can be made. I grew up in Youngs Park, yep (smile) right in front of Scope, the oldest of 8. I know that times are economically challenging right now, and see so many Women and Men struggling. But veryone is not broke! (smile) It breaks my heart and I wish that I could let them know that there is another way that they can help themselves. My Mentor, Renee Drakes from Maryland introduced this business to me and helped me.Actually it was my cousin who came here and I was trying to take all the jewelry she was wearing off her self! (smile) In just one week it has made all the difference in my life. I made $650 by showing this brochure to co- workers, family and friends! I want to help someone else, well actually help a lot of someone else's. My goal with my business is to pass on the idea of each one, help one. I said all this to say the Cookie Lee business is huge in Maryland, DC area but few know about it here. I will be real honest with you, normally other women have this type of selling locked down. I work at the CG FINCEN center in Chesapeake and it is just a matter of time before it will be discovered and it will blow up because I am sharing and recruiting everywhere I go. This is a great business! Whoever starts the expansion in this area will be paid big time. I know that I am going to benefit because I already have. I haved prayed and ask for a way that I can let more Sisters know that this business is here and that the opportunities are unlimited! Your name kept popping up in my head, so I am stepping out on faith that I am suppose to contact you. I wanted to come to the office but I didn't want you to think I am a crazy fool! (smile) I believe you are my way to get this information out to more women in an honest, professional business manner. Will you check "Cookie Lee" business out and if you like what you find, contact me. My idea is to do a Jewelry showcase. There is no formal presentation involved,(just classy jewelry starting at $10 nothing higher than $58)for you and your friends to review. I give away free jewelry door prises. 50% of the show sales (50% profit is what I earn), I will donate all of my profits to your Reading and Suceeding mentoring program. Yes it is definitely about the money and at the same time it is not. Who does not need money, that is just a part. I just am passionate about sharing the benfits and opportunities that the Cookie Lee Company offers to it's Consultants! Cruises, free jewelry, commission paid on recruiting and Mercedes Benz company paid rentals. I am not a car person but I sure will take it when I earn it. (smile) I am positive that you will like what you see! I believe we can help a lot of not only women but men, everyone over 18 can sell! There is enough money in Hampton Roads and other states, to enjoy and see a brighter future by introducing this business in the Hampton Roads area together. I thank you in advance for your time and I am believing in God that all things are working for us, even things that I cannot see. That is why I am believing on his word and reaching out to you! I love your midday inspirational moments, they are the highlight of my day, your words give me comfort to keep striving, to keep on, just can't give up! Where do you get those inspirational verses from! I am claiming the victory for this vision that I have been seeing to be not only spiritually and mentally sucessful as well as financially. I am not trying to get over or yank your chain, there is definitely real money to be made but more importantly there are Lives to be saved and futures to be forever blessed. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Blessings for all that you do in the community! I want to win that lottery too but like Steve Harvey says You have to be ready when opportunity comes knocking, I am ready! He always says you can't bake a pie and make some money! No maam I can't bake a pie, but I can sell some jewelry (smile) I am sorry I know I sound ghetto but I am just a real person like I know you are! Blessings!! Respectfully Van Davenport
02/27/2010 2:01AM
Vanette Davenport
I am looking forward to hearing from you!
03/02/2010 2:22PM
thoroughgood -
[...] be published) (required) Website. RECIT R³: Resources - Rescue - Ray is proudly powered by ...95.7 RnB An Evening of Blessings at The Attucks Theatre On ...Bishop Barnett Karl Thoroughgood. RaJazz. Maury High School Gospel Choir. Michol Marie ... Name [...]
03/23/2010 2:11AM
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06/09/2010 8:05AM
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