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Bob Thomas


At The Concert

If you like concerts, Hampton Roads, VA is the place to be……during the summer, that is.  RnB, Jazz, Country, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, it doesn’t matter.  They (ARTISTS) all come this way…..during the summer, that is.  I’m not a big concertgoer (excluding Jazz) but recently, I’ve had a change of heart.  I considered checking out Hall & Oates, on the beach at the Va. Beach Oceanfront (which is blissful…the music, the water) but it was FREE.  That translated to 40,000 PEOPLE, 20,000 CARS and ZERO parking.  “I CAN’T GO FOR THAT! NAW, NOOOO….NO CAN DO!”  Then, Maxwell & Jill Scott came to town.  I’ve never seen either of them, nor had I ever gone to the Va. Beach Amphitheater.  OK, two birds with one stone.  Show started at 7 pm.  In order to get convenient parking, you had to be there by 4 pm.  I got there at 7:45 pm.  Needless to say, I had to park in RICHMOND which meant in order to get to the amphitheater, the wife and I had to take……”A LONG WALK, AROUND THE PARK, AFTER DARK!”  And the temperature was about 94 with 100% humidity.  By the time this “BROTHA” got to his seat, I was soaked to my “draws.”  Jill was good though, I mean, the two songs that I saw were on point.  Now it’s time for Maxwell (who reminded me of Marvin Gaye).  The heat & humidity was stifling.  I was waiting for Pharaoh to order me to get more straw (Hebrew slave).  I saw people drinking these huge slurpees, so I figured I’d get a couple.  The attendant said, “That’ll be 28 dollars.” $28 DOLLARS!  How “FORTUNATE” that this robbery is not at gunpoint.  I said forget it, just give me a little “SUMTHIN SUMTHIN” with ice.  Got one soda for 6 dollars, we shared it.  Marvin Gaye….uh…Maxwell, was good but it was so miserably muggy, I couldn’t enjoy the show.  Last night, we went to the Hampton Jazz Festival.  I don’t usually go the “Jazz” festival because first, it’s not a “Jazz” festival (it’s a music festival) and second, the acoustics are so horrible in the Coliseum, the music sounds muddled.  But I wanted to see Down to the Bone (the only Jazz artists on the bill last night). I saw them, but didn’t really hear them.  They were first, so after them, I was ready to go. But the wife wanted to see Joe.  I’m like “NA, NA, NA"…. I don’t think this classifies as “ALL THE THINGS (YOUR MAN WON’T DO)" but it was ONE of them or so I thought.  I sat out on the concourse while she enjoyed Joe.  After Joe, I text her, let’s go.  But she wanted “MORE & MORE.”  Now, she wanted to see Teena Marie.  Oh no!  Now I’m “OUT ON A LIMB” or should I say, out on the concourse…..again.  This is definitely not my idea of “SHANGRA LA.”  And you know she wanted to see “CHARLIE, LAST NAME WILSON.”  So I have to be contented sitting on the concourse, listening to the bouncing, muddling sound of the music while watching former divas and playas from the Himalayas work it like they did in the 70’s and 80’s (which really wasn't all that bad cuz I saw some SIGHTS!) But hey, my time is coming July 23rd & 24th.  You see, that's the Norfolk Jazz Festival (the real Jazz Festival) featuring Lonnie Liston Smith, Roy Ayers, Wilton Felder, Tom Browne, Ronnie Laws, Fattburger and Jeff Lorber Fusion at Town Point Park in Norfolk.  I can't wait to spend some "QUIET MOMENTS" with "GOOD VIBRATIONS" as we "INHERIT THE WIND" of "JAMAICA FUNK."  "EVERY GENERATION" will appreciate the "JOY" of jazz in the "CITY."  See ya there!

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06/27/2010 10:06AM
At The Concert
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06/28/2010 8:08AM
LOL I went to the Maxwell show. I left Gloucester @ 3 o'clock! got great parking since I was there a little after 5. So I sat in the car & ate my dinner til time to mosey up to the gates. I thought it was an awesome show, worth sitting in the heat. Iwas on the lawn so I did get a bit of a breeze from time to time. what wasnt fun was sitting at the hrbt forever on the way home! shoulda been home around 1230 didnt roll in til nearly 2!
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