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Charles Black


At nTelos in Newport News

8-10-09 Sat.I was in newport news at the ntelos store,rolling with the "Frawg" and working on my clothes drive.I love being in hampton and,but lawd getting there is a trip.Getting across the hrbt is like a couple days work,well maybe not that long but it takes a was worth it.I always meet some really cool folks every time I hit the streets of the 757.Speaking of Newport News,I need to know where poplar st. is.I may not have the correct spelling but that's close.Years ago I had family on that street.I'd just like to know how to get there and maybe roll down it one day,so call a brother.Thanks.Check out my "Bad News" video from this weekend.

08/11/2009 5:30PM
At nTelos in Newport News
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