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Posts from August 2014

2 Guys in Bowties
Trend alert!  Bowties are making a comeback.  Just ask Blaine Stewart, morning anchor at WTKR-News Channel 3.  He sported one this morning.  I wore my most recently purchased bowtie to church last Sunday and got tons of compliments and admiring glances.   Back in the 70’s I wore one to a Jackson Five concert complete with a big apple cap and a pair of knickers (I hope no pictures are circulating).  Everyone rock them back then.  Remember the butterfly bowtie?  I consider bowties and seersucker suits something of a southern tradition.  Every country doctor and lawyer wore them. (Magicians, clowns and Pee Wee Herman wear them to but that’s beside the point).  Now day’s bowties combine a sophisticated edge and Old World style.  They seem hard to tie at first but with practice it’s actually quite easy – just think of tying a shoelace knot.  Whatever you do, don’t wear a clip-on.  They’re also a good look – if you’re a 12-year-old.
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Backyard Terrorists
Awww the weekend.  After the monsoon-like rain we had the past week I couldn’t wait to get out and tackle the yard.  I take pride in my surroundings.   My yard won’t win the yard of the month award but I keep it mowed and the edges nice and tight.  My sons think I’m obsessed.    It’s not an obsession - its pride in ownership.  A home is the biggest purchase most of us will make in our lifetime.  It just makes sense to me to maintain its curb appeal.

The rain increased the mosquito population.  There were 5 reported cases of West Nile Mosiquotes bites Virginia Beach.  (I heard it on the radio).  Not sure how dangerous West Nile mosquito bites are but it doesn’t sound good.

More annoying than West Nile mosquitos are the squirrels in my backyard.    I enjoy feeding songs birds.  I have several bird feeders which I fill with a variety of birdseed to attract finches, blue birds, robins and hummingbirds.  But the pesky squirrels devour seeds before the birds can get to them.  I’ve tried everything to deter them – moving the feeders away from the fence and trees.  I even pluck down $19.99 for a squirrel-proof feeder that the squirrels ate through.    I can remember coloring cute pictures of squirrels and rabbits back in elementary school.  When did they go from cute  cuddly critters to backyard terrorists?
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