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Grown Folks Dancing

Watch Bob Thomas' Grown Folks Dancing! at Make sure you subscribe and then ENJOY THEM ALL!

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Grown Folks Dancing!

As you can see, line dancing is a lot of fun and great exercise too. Join the recording of Grown Folks Dancing! every 3rd Sunday, 5 pm, at the Comfort Zone in Hampton.
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Get On UP

What awakens you in the morning? I'm not a morning person……not now......nor ever have been. So getting up in the morning is not one of my favorite things to do. What's interesting is when I do, I usually do it without much effort. I just get up and go about doing what needs to be done. Of course, I'm complaining, grumbling and scratching every step of the way. Most of the time, I utilize a clock radio; however, usually I wake up just prior to the time the clock radio goes off. I guess you could say I have a built in clock that awakens me and the clock radio is my backup. I've always had that built in clock. I also have a built in snooze alarm. The only problem is my built in snooze alarm doesn't always go off in ten minute intervals. It's more like intervals of an hour. So that's why I have the clock radio as backup. When I was a kid, my alarm clock was my mom. She would call upstairs and say, "it's time to get up baby"…………that would be the first time (all sweet and loving). The next time I'd hear……"Are you up?" My answer, of course, would be "Yes"even though I wasn't. The final call would be, "Don't make me come up there and get you out of that bed boy." Once I heard that, I'd be up and at 'em……cuz you didn't want Mrs. Thomas climbing those steps just to get you out of the bed. Why?!? Cause she'd get you up with one swing of a belt, or pour some water on you or (the worst) just stand over you with her arms folded saying you got five seconds to get outta that bed. Ya think I wasn't up in 2 ……who da fool…not me. While in college, I had NO problem getting up in the morning…….that's cuz I didn't. I never went to breakfast (my roommate did, so I'd tell him to bring me one of those little boxes of cereal….and he first…...till he caught on, then he'd say get yo lazy #$%! up and git it yo'self) and I made sure my classes didn't start till at least ten. Problem solved. Being in the military; however, did present a problem. Because all the military does is awaken early in the morning (that's an active part of being in the military). So what I did was buy an expensive stereo system (while I was stationed in Germany) with a remote timer. I'd turn the volume on the stereo up loud and I kept the stereo in another room. So when the timer turned the system on at "oh dark thirty", I'd have to get up, walk to the other room to turn the volume down or the system off. Now, since I'm up and moving I may as well keep on moving. Everybody has their own method to the madness. How do you awaken yourself in the morning? My wife sets the clock radio ahead an hour and puts the volume on rock concert level. When the alarm goes off, she hits the snooze button ............about 6 times before getting up. Thank goodness she changed that up or maybe those ear plugs I wear are really working. I have a friend who gets up and sticks his head in the freezer for about a minute. I have another friend that gets cold water from the refrigerator and pours it over his/her head (I say his/her to keep the identity unknown but you know....ain't NO sister gon pour no water on her hair first thing in the morning). Another friend's dog gets him/her up by licking his/her face (I don't know bout that.....dogs like to lick....whatever. My face cannot and will not be included in "whatever"). Here's a good one…..a friend sets her TV and when she hears a strange man's voice coming from the living room area, she automatically gets up to investigate, usually with a snub nose 32. Say What?!? (don't think I'll be spending the night over there). But hey, whatever works for you. Personally, I'm glad I don't have to awaken at an early hour on a consistent basis. Usually, I'll awaken around 8am, lie there until 9am, then turn on the TV to catch the Andy Griffith show or a western. When the movie or Andy is over, I arise, bright eyed and ready for the world.
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