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Posts from July 2014

The Generation Gap?!?
I was getting a haircut recently and my barber was talking about how excited he was to see New Edition (group was performing in the area).  His son (a sophomore in college) remarked, “Dad, you always wanna see those old school performers.”  His statement caught my attention because I didn’t consider New Edition to be old school.  So I said, “If New Edition is old school, then what are the performers I consider to be old school?”
Him:   “Like whom?" (whom?....told you he was in college)  
Me:   “Well, The Whispers, Stephanie Mills, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Maze, Patti Labelle, Earth, Wind & Fire, Charlie Wilson, just to name a few.” 
Him:  “Oh, they’re classics.” 
Me: “Alright now, MY music is classic music.”
Him:  “Yeah, that’s a LOT older than old school.” 
Me:  “Why, you little…….”
Recently, while doing a remote broadcast, I registered people to win two tickets to the 957 RnB Soul Music Fest, Nov 1st, at the Hampton Coliseum.   I was informing them that it would feature performances from The Whispers, Stephanie Mills, Mint Condition….before I could finish, I noticed the blank look on some of the people ’s faces…..the young people.  So I asked, “you’ve heard of The Whispers right?”

Them:  No
Me: How about Stephanie Mills?
Them:  Ummmmmm, nope.
Me:  Mint Condition?
Them:  I think my Momma might know em. 
Me:  How old are y’all?
Them:  20, 19, 21, 23.
Me:  Well, have y’all ever heard of Chrisette Michelle?
Them:  A resounding and unified….. “YES!”
Now, they’re all excited and ready to register to win the tickets.  Then a young man said to me, “Have you ever heard of Chief Keef?
Me:  Ain’t that the name of the Washington DC football team mascot?
Him: “Nope, how bout Shaggy?”
Me:  “Fo’sho, he works at our sister station ….. Z104.
Him:  “What?  No sir.  You ever heard of Nappy Roots?”
Me:  “Aw naw young man, you bout to get slapped by that young lady right beside you.”
Him:  “You’re hilarious.  Maybe you’ve heard of 50 cent?
Me:  “Word, I’m hip to the hop you don’t stop.  I know all about fiddy cent, 2 Chainz, Fat Boys, Kool Mo Dee, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, MC Lyte, Rapper’s Delight…..hotel, motel, holiday inn…

(It was about that time, I noticed that blank look again)
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Hanging out at the Norfolk Waterfront Jazz Festival
My children, Ruth and I  enjoyed listening to Ramsey Lewis at the Norfolk Waterfront Jazz Festival!
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Hello Blog I've Missed You I Guess?
Well I'm back with a blog! Since the last time we spoke more changes have happened in my life. Kristin is now a senior at W&M and Collin is a senior in high school! I've turned a year older and thankful for that. I will be writing my "What I know For Sure," about turning 48 coming up in my next blog. So until then glad to be back I guess?
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