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Getting Ready For The 4th Annual Day of Sharing with Theressa

Okay it’s time for the 4th Annual Day of Sharing with Theressa. For the past three years I have asking barbers and beauticians to volunteer to style or cut children’s hair for free for the first day of school. You know this event is very dear and near to my heart. Growing up in Moton Park in a family of thirteen, I would always wish I get my hair done professionally for the first day of school, but you know my mama could not afford it. Then one year I think I was about 12 years old and my mama made an appointment for me to get my little bit of hair done at beauty salon. I could not sleep the night before, because I was very excited. The only place I got my hair done was in the kitchen sitting on a stool as my mama sat in a chair beside the stove with the straightening comb. She would have that blue magic hair grease and dip that straightening comb in that blue magic hair grease, blow on it and fry your hair till it lay down. You had to keep that towel around your neck cause every now and then she would burn you or drop the straightening comb down your back and it would make you wanna cuss, but I only cussed in mind, cause I wanted to live!!! Well the day finally came and I went to the beauty salon. The place was jammed packed and people were complaining that they were taking too long. It did not bother me; I was just excited to sit in the chair to get my hair done. When it was finally my turn, I just felt like a little princess and my dream was finally coming true. When my hair was done, I wanted to go visit all of my friends to show off my hair, but my mama was like you get out there and start sweating and mess your hair up girl, I’m gonna hurt you. So I quickly came in the house and sat in front of the fan, scared that my hair would sweat back. On the first day of school, I had my school supplies that were given to us by the Salvation Army, had my hair did, and wore my sister’s hand me downs, but they were new to me cause I never wore them and I was looking so cute. Till this day I have not forgotten how I felt when I had my hair done for the first time at a beauty salon and I thought if I was ever in a position to give another child that same feeling I would. So with that said, Barbers and Beauticians let’s help make some little girl feel like a princess and some little boy feel like a prince. Remember when you give it always comes back, pressed down, shaking together and running over!!!! So join me in making sure our babies are looking cool on the first day of school! If you would like to volunteer your services send me an e-mail or call me 497-2000 ext. 232 by August 13, 2010

08/04/2010 10:25AM
Getting Ready For The 4th Annual Day of Sharing with Theressa
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08/05/2010 8:49AM
R. Mandel Pettaway
Ms. Brown I just wanted to let u know that I've adopted u as my official "Voice of Inspiration". A busy man as a new entrepreneur, but my store, "VIP Medical Wear"(Where fashion..meets Profession!), is dialed in to 95.7 and I catch ur mid-day message from time to time. It heightens my gratefulness every time I'm blessed to here u bring it, so keep doin' what u do!! Just signed on to start advertising w/95.7 so we'll continue to "Let God.." Anything we can do to help ur charitable efforts, contact us. (757) 877-0067 VIP. PS I have connex w/barbers @ Esquire Barbershop in NN if intrstd. Mandel(Jun5th baby)
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