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Charles Black

Good Weekend and my clothing drive

8-3-09 Man,I had a great weekend.Why?Cause a brother was doing what he does best...chilling.I caught a nap late sat.afternoon,(Sonia was a little busy,so I didn't want to disturb her,ya know).Saturday evening I wanted to go someplace,so I hit 7-11 and picked up some lemonade.I know what you're thinking..."Charles,how do you maintain such a hollywood type lifestyle?" Well it's not easy.You have to really focus,and dedicate yourself. On the serious,My clothes drive is still rolling,we'll be taking some donations to the salvation army this week,so call me(499-9570),or email me at if you need info on how to donate.Thank you.

08/11/2009 5:19PM
Good Weekend and my clothing drive
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