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Got a "Wii"

Christmas has come and gone and we’re into another New Year.  Hopefully, this will be a Blessed and bountiful New Year & decade for you but let’s revisit this past Christmas.   I GOT A NINTENDO WII, yeah boy…..well, I got the WIFE a Nintendo Wii ……cuz that’s what she wanted for Christmas.  She wanted one last Christmas, but every store was sold out.  So this past Christmas, I shopped early.  What she really wanted was the Wii Fitness Plus, so I got the bundle package and I figured I might as well get a game for myself (Madden NFL 10).  I could have saved that money cuz so far, I’ve only played Madden twice but I’m addicted to the Wii sports package that comes with the Wii console.  Tennis, bowling, baseball, golf and boxing…..ain’t nothing but the truth and you're exercising at the same time.  It’s a home workout that's lots of fun.  I use the sports as a warm up to do the fitness plus.  The fitness plus is ALL DAT.  I personalized my workout by making an avatar of myself……tall with a mustache, wearing glasses……and oh yeah, lean and mean.  I stepped up on the balance board to measure my body mass and the Wii said “OH MY.”  So I stepped off (I ain’t taking NO insults from a machine).  My wife stepped on….the machine said” Great….stand still while I measure.”  I said “all naw, let me get back on that thing.  That d#$% thing again said, “OH MY.”  After measuring my body mass, the Wii ADJUSTSED my avatar…, I’m tall with a mustache, wearing glasses……and oh yeah…..with a “GUT”.  A gut so big, the shirt I’m wearing shrunk and the belly is sticking out from under it.  The Wii dropped this new avatar of me from the sky.  It hit the ground and BOUNCED…boing, boing, boing.   My wife was on the floor laffing and laffing….and LAFFING!  I’m like…..”Dat ain’t right man, dat ain’t right.”  It then proceeded to check my posture, balance and weight.  I learned that I don’t stand correctly, my balance is slightly off and my weight…..well, let’s just say my weight is my weight.  It let’s you set weight loss goals and indicates that you need to do this daily, preferably at the same time.  Needless to say, I’m working on my gut and exercising a total of 30 minutes per day…..uhhhh….starting Monday (whichever Monday YOU choose).  I got some cake and pie to get rid of first.

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01/04/2010 7:36AM
Got a "Wii"
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03/23/2010 8:14AM
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