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Theressa Brown


Hanging Out At The New Lane Bryant Store At The New Pennisula Town Center

03/18/2010 8:47AM
Hanging Out At The New Lane Bryant Store At The New Pennisula Town Center
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03/22/2010 8:48AM
Tammy Oliver
Hi Theresa, My son's 3rd grade class would be an excellent choice for the Universoul Circus Outing. Their teacher, Ms. Desler is a very dedicated and creative teacher. She gives out multiplication licenses - it makes the kids feel good that they are licensed at something. Plus, it makes them work harder so they can receive their license. The kids also receive class money for good behavior, which enables them to purchase toys/novelties from the class store. They also have to pay rent, which teaches them early responsibility. Ms Desler's dedication, plus the parental dedication equals success for the children. These great things being said makes Ms Desler's 3rd grade class at Crestwood Intermediate school (Chesapeake, VA) an excellent choice to enjoy an outing at the Universoul Circus! Sincerely, Tammy Oliver (Proud Parent)
03/23/2010 1:08PM
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