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Happy New Year and My Weight Loss Goal. Yeah I'm Telling my Real Weight!!!

theressa_brown_sm Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a great holiday. I truly enjoyed my vacation. The children and I spent a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge. I even got on a couple of water rides. I screamed like somebody was taking my fried chicken off my plate!!! But it was fun. I spent the rest of the time in the hot tub, while the children enjoyed the water rides. The rest of my vacation I just watched Lifetime television, ate a lot of food and enjoyed some great bottles of red wine. Now it’s a new year and once again my resolution is to lose weight. My stomach and my twins (yall know what I mean by twins right?) are now very close friends. The have been hanging out a lot lately. I want to break up the friendship. My stomach needs to go back in and the twins well at this age they are just going to continue to hang around. Hell I’m learning to do tricks with them!!! Tricks like…. Naw…. I won’t tell. Anyway I had to get rid of all my size 8 clothes over the holiday cause they were squeezing the life out of me. I would look like I was ready to pop like the Pillsbury dough boy. But when somebody would touch my stomach, that shiggity did not make me laugh, I wanted to fight!!! So my goal is to lose 30 pounds by June. I know you may be thinking Theressa how much do you weigh? None of your…… well I am now in a size 10 and honestly, I weigh 160 pounds. I have not weighed this much since I was pregnant and the children are teenagers, so I don’t have an excuse except that food and wine are so good!! All the time!!! And all the time food and wine are good!! A lot of you may say Theressa your weight, that’s nothing. See I have to be comfortable for me. I am not knocking you if you are a size 10 or if you are 160 pounds, maybe that works for you, but it just doesn’t work for me!!! So my first goal is to take a break from my usual glass of red wine in the evening. Okay you know me, my glasses of red wine in the evening. This is a tough one, because this is something I look forward to, so now I just drink water with my dinner, but I put my water in a wine glass and sip on it!!! Oh yeah and last night I started working out with the new Denise Austin Boot Camp Video. I was sweating bullets two minutes into the video. Collin and my dog Meesha just kept staring at me like I was crazy. Later on Collin said that I really did look crazy trying to keep up with the video. I told him I was going to show him what crazy really looked like if he didn’t go upstairs and go to bed. After he went upstairs, I cussed so much at that video, I had to ask God, the television, and the video to forgive me. I drank a bottle and half of water and still had 18 minutes to go. Mind you the video is only 20 minutes. Afterward I sat down on the couch sweaty, my hair had gone back to Africa, because my perm left, and I was sweating in places that I can’t even mention. I’m still a little sore but guess what, I’m going to pop that tape right back in tonight and look crazy jumping around till I jump some of this weight off. I do understand that I’m older so it’s going to take a little longer for the weight to fall off, but I am not going to give up!!! Let me know if this is your New Year’s resolution as well and some of your tips that you are using to accomplish your weight lost goal. Peace and no meat!!! Well fried meat anyway!!!

01/05/2010 10:35AM
Happy New Year and My Weight Loss Goal. Yeah I'm Telling my Real Weight!!!
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01/05/2010 6:48PM
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01/06/2010 4:59PM
Dr. W Leanda Morring
Let's try this again. It is important that I tell you how proud I am of you and the manner in which you chose to share your information (weight). You will be a great role model for those who have not yet admitted to themselves that weight could be a health issue. I am a Naturopathic Doctor / Educator in Newport News and Carrollton, VA. I take great pride in assisting individuals with their health and weight loss journey. As an act of part of my tithing for 2010 - I would like to extend an invitation to help you with your health and weight loss goals. It would bt an honor. Should you choose another avenue - know that my prayers are with you and I know you will be successful. Remember, through faith, persistance, and love of self you can achieve anything. Should you choose an easier route, please consider the patented thermogenic coffee or tea. That's right - FAT BURNING coffee and tea. A large number of my clients are drinking one or the other with incredible results. I will be more than happy to put you in contact with any of them. You can contact me at with any questions you may have. Be Blessed.
01/08/2010 5:40AM
Theresa I would like to share some information with you and show you how you can drop 2 to 3 sizes in 10 minutes. Without diets, pills exercise or surgery. If your interested send me a email.
01/27/2010 11:26AM
Willis J Johnson
I heard you giving a number on 01/26/10 for a workshop in chesapeake scheduled for 02/04/10 about creating your own small business can you please give me that 800 number so that I can regester I was driving when you were giving out the number thank you an have a blessed day
03/23/2010 9:18PM
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