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Bob Thomas


Have You Noticed....

Have you noticed at your local fast food establishment that soda cups have changed, small is medium, medium is large & large is “good grief, how much soda IS that?”


Have you noticed that there always seems to be a traffic jam where you’re headed but traffic going in the opposite direction is always flowing?


Have you noticed that when you pop into a grocery store for one item, no one is at the register but when you come back to pay for that item, all the lines are long?


Have you noticed that items in the dollar store cost more than a dollar?


Have you noticed that sometimes you know where you are but your GPS doesn’t?


Have you noticed that your GPS will take you the longest, most time consuming route to your destination?


Have you noticed the price of gas increases just before you get to the pump?


Have you noticed that when you buy cups from a store, large is now medium, medium is small and small won’t hold enough liquid for a baby gnat suffering from anorexia?


Have you noticed when you’re in a hurry, nobody else is?


Have you noticed when you get your car wash, it usually rains within two days?


Have you noticed when you have nothing to write about, you write about nothing?

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09/08/2010 8:31PM
Have You Noticed....
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