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Just A Few Observations

     Ladies, ever wonder what guys talk about at the barber shop?  Surprisingly, it’s not women……well not ALL the time.  A couple of weeks ago, this guy was telling a story about his cousin who wrestles alligators.  Seems he was wrestling one and the gator chomped down on his leg.  So they rushed him to the hospital and the doctors performed surgery.  When he awakened from the surgery, the doctor told him “I got good news and I got bad news.  The bad news is we had to amputate your leg but the good news is we saved your foot.”  Now we’re sitting there listening until it dawned on one of us…… How you gonna save the foot that’s attached to the amputated leg? Awwwww, we laughed & laughed & laughed!  And mostly, that's what men do at the barber shop.

     Monday night, I’m heading to work and my tank is on “E.”  So, I stopped to get some gas.  I figured $30 would be enough.  Man, it was COLD!!  It was so cold, I pumped $15 and got my butt back in the car and drove back home…… where I changed clothes.  Forget dressing smart casual, I dressed functionally warm.  Covered up that undershirt and boxer briefs with some lonnnnnnggggggg draws (uhh thermals for you poo- foo folks), replaced those thin pretty boy socks with some long cotton ones, changed those dress pants for some thick jeans, added a thermal shirt and chucked those gators for some "Tims."  Then donned a “Pittsburgh Steeler” skull hat, scarf and a leather jacket……and I was good to go.  When it’s COLD outside, dress warm, not cute.  Ya feel me baby? (I'm talking to my ALWAYS gotta dress cute, wife – “she be” cute BUT cold).  Won’t even wear a hat cuz she doesn’t wanna mess up her hair.  Child PLEASE!

     Now, I don’t consider myself a celebrity.  However, having been in broadcasting for over 30 years, I realize some people regard me as such.  I have no problem signing autographs, taking pictures or just shooting the breeze (am I showing my age with that saying) with anyone.  HOWEVER, brothers…… if you see me in the rest room and we’re both using the facilities, I am NOT, and I repeat, NOT gonna shake your hand NOR am I gonna give you dap.  I mean, c’mon man!  I’m in the rest room taking care of business, dude standing beside me says, “Yo Bob, you doing a good job emceeing the show and I listen to you all the time on the radio.  I just wanna shake your hand man.” And he reaches over and extends his hand.  I’m like….well, thanks, I appreciate it but my hands are kind of full right now.  He said, “I’ll wait.”  Huh?!  I said, well let me WASH my hands first (hint, hint).  He said, “Yeah go head man, I took a shower fo I came to the sho, so I’m good.”  Say WHAT?!?  I was so glad one of my co-workers came in & said they needed me on stage…….I hauled butt outta there.

Just a few observations......

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12/06/2010 9:13PM
Just A Few Observations
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