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Just Talkin'

It's been a while but here's a new video blog.......

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01/25/2010 3:00AM
Just Talkin'
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03/01/2010 3:55PM
Otha Yarborough
Bob, That was an excellant peace! Your video is what every man goes thru when his stuff comes up missing. Sure we want to retaliate but who the H#LL we gonna beat down? Oh! by the way and I could of told you before hand that- ain't no way in the H#ll you gonna combine your 1st anniversary or any other holiday. THEM (the Women) won't go for it at all!!! Look, anytime you need to call a huddle to discuss a potential conflict please dial 911-OTHA. Put a brother on speed dail-I got 'cho Back Dogg! Woop-Woop
03/23/2010 12:14PM
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