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Last Pole Dancing Class

theressa_brown_smOkay..... My pole dancing classes are now over. We wrapped it up by learning to do a lap dance. So we have to put on a man's shirt and neck tie. I started freaking out cause I thought we had to tie the tie!! But we just had to put the tie around our neck. We danced to Prince’s, “Darling Nikki” You know that song is just nasty!!! You know how I feel about nasty stuff, right? Yep I love it!!!! Any who, we start out with the sexy walk and you know the touching of yourself. Now I have done this so much in front of other people, I have gotten use to it. I'll never be able to do it alone again!! Okay now we have to take the tie and do something with it, that I would have to show you. I can't write it. I know you are thinking, you write everything else. You are right, but not this. After that we have to throw our legs across the chair. Why I knock the chair over? Shoot my legs were hurting. I'm not use to throwing my legs over a chair. Then we have to do this sexy dance in front of the chair and then snatch the tie from around our neck and throw it on the floor. My tie got stuck and I almost strangled myself. Okay by this time I am over this. Hell I don't have no man anyway. So forget this!!! But the instructor tells me it's okay. The next part is that you have to get on the floor and do a lot of things to the floor. I really violated the floor that night and I apologized to the floor for that. Then on your knees doing more moves. Now my knees are killing me and since I forgot to put on lotion, you know my knees were really ashy. Okay then you have to turn around still on your knees and put your hips up in the air. This is just too much for me. I'm too old to be doing this stuff!! We then put our hands behind our back, with our head back and gyrate. This makes me dizzy. So when it's time to get up the room is spinning and I stumble!!! You know how your head feels when you have drank too wine. I had that feeling without drinking too much wine . Then legs back over the chair and do the touching of yourself again. By this time, I don't want to touch myself ever again!!! Now what will I do for fun!!! Then we have to stand up and walk away and pull your shirt over your right shoulder, then your left shoulder. I get scared because if my shirt gets any lower something is going to fall out. No take that back, roll out!!! We do the routine about 5 times and on the third time it has become fun and I have the routine down packed. Now will I ever do this for someone? Probably not!!! But it’s just good to know. Really it was a very fun five weeks and I plan on going back, after I finish soaking in Epsom Salt. Peace, Brown Suga ( My name I used in class)

10/16/2009 10:23AM
Last Pole Dancing Class
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11/04/2009 4:17PM
donnell jones
wow! you pole dancing. when will be your first show? Brown Suga
02/14/2010 7:39PM
Terri Valentine
Hey girl....I was reading your blog and you must tell me where you took this class. I've been searching the web for a pole dancing class. I hear it's a really good mode of exercise because you use your whole body and after reading your blog that may betrue. So if you don't mind send me that information. Thanks :-)
03/23/2010 10:21PM
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