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Theressa Brown


Midday Moment..."Collin"

01/23/2013 1:40PM
Midday Moment..."Collin"
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01/23/2013 10:26PM
What a Testimony!
What an awesome testiment to God's Power Terri! Enjoyed it, keep praying and keep believing. God got your back!!! Love You Sista Girl....
01/24/2013 1:10PM
Midday Moment
I love hearing the Midday Moment. It really touches my heart. I can relate to them all. Love, love it, and love it!!!
03/09/2013 11:58AM
Because of your courage to step out of "the boat" Collin has benefitted greatly "Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.” —Winston Churchill”
07/18/2013 1:55AM
I want an explanation ..
Is this app even REAL ?
05/21/2014 5:43PM
What Do A Man Have To Do To Get A Date With you Sweetie
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