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Bob Thomas


Morning Rush Hour

Now, I know Hampton Roads Virginia is not a major metropolitan area.  I know the difference because I've lived in the Washington DC Metro area as well as the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.  I’ve experienced extended stays in New York, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Chicago, Philly, Detroit, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and the list goes on.  So by no means am I comparing any of those areas with Hampton Roads Virginia and I’m certainly not comparing the traffic here with any of those areas either. HOWEVER, I had the misfortune of being a part of the MORNING RUSH HOUR in Hampton Roads the other day.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  Now, maybe since I work evenings and have not dealt with anything like that in, oh say……..fifteen years…..I might just be a little out of practice.  I mean, usually, I’m dealing with traffic when people are leaving work and perhaps they are just a little less ENERGIZED!!!  That morning traffic is crazy!!!  People all hopped up on coffee and caffeine and driving at the speed of THOUGHT!  And the thought is……”I’m gonna be late, I know I shoulda quit hitting that *#^&% snooze button.  Boss said if I’m late just one mo time……”  People were riding bumpers like race cars drafting at the Indy 500.  They would change lanes and THEN signal.  I felt like Capt. Kirk of Star Trek …..only difference was my mission was to seek out new lanes and boldly drive where no one had driven before……meaning……the shoulder.  Cause I pulled over and parked!  I called my wife and told her to come get me.  She drives in that morning madness daily, so no big deal to her.  That’s right, I told her to COME GET ME!!  I’ll come back around 10 a.m. (when all the senior citizens are driving) and get the car.   Morning traffic, just one MORE reason to have a home based business.  If you need some info on a good one, email me.

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10/11/2011 8:25PM
Morning Rush Hour
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