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Theressa Brown


My Children

Kristin and Collin You know I have always loved children. Growing up in a family of 13 and having millions of nieces and nephews either you are going to love or hate children. I just happen to love them. But I never knew how much I could love children until I had my own. I was very scared when I first had my daughter Kristin, but she made it so easy for me. She was such a good baby. She loved to play. She was very smart and loved watching old movies with my mama. Today she owns all the old movies they watched together and watches them faithfully. Movies like, Calamity Jane, Gypsy, Meet Me in St Louis, My Fair Lady, Carmen Jones, and the list goes on and on. Kristin has been my biggest cheerleader. She encourages me when I am down, teaches me how to relax and always helps me to look on the bright side of every situation even when I don’t want to see the bright side. She’s only 16, but she has an old soul. She is a hard worker, beautiful, and I could not have asked for a better child. Not saying that we have not had our times, because I had to lay hands on her as they say in church, but she got it after a couple of times unlike her brother Collin. Collin Stephen, my second child and the son I so desperately wanted. Collin came into this world hollering. The boy would not stop crying. We use to call him Hollering Collin. He would only stay with me and my mama. If someone would watch him for me, I would have to sneak out the house to leave him. But you know what Collin has been such a joy. He has a great sense of humor. Of course he takes after his mama. He is kind and very caring. He just eats too damn much and I often want to glue his mouth shut with crazy glue so my food can last longer. Now he has to be jacked every now and then. Yeah I said jacked!! I tell him no matter how old or big he gets I am his mother and I bought him into this world….. Come on finish it with me….. That’s right…. And I will take you out!!! He thinks that I am crazy and guess what he is right. You know after my divorce I was so afraid of raising my children alone, but with the help of my sisters, my mama, their father’s parents, good friends and Jesus it has not been as bad as I thought. Of course I would love for Collin to have a man in his life to mentor him. I know as single mother’s we are strong and we do raise our boys, but I know that a man is needed in a boy’s life. But for now he is adjusting well. I am very proud of both of my children and many times if it wasn’t for them just loving me for mommy I would have given up. But God gave me these two precious gifts and I am so thankful for them. Yes they fuss and argue and get on each other’s nerves, they get on mine and I know that I get on there’s, but we love each other. We still watch movies together, sit down at the dinner table every night for dinner and talk, laugh, and discuss our day. They still greet me when I come home from work, when I see them, I still hug them and they still hang out in my room all over my bed. They will always be my babies. Kristin and Collin I am so grateful for you two. Thank you both for not only being my children but also being my best friends. Love, Mother…. They call me "Mother."

12/01/2009 9:43AM
My Children
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12/01/2009 1:37PM
Darlean Richardson
Dear Theresa, I been meaning to email you and tell you what a great inspiration you are. Girl the Midday inspiration is always a hit. When I am able to listen I am there to catch that word of encouragement. I also am trying to form my non-profit organization-Hug A Bear Foundation. I just wanted to tell you thank you for all that you do and be encouraged, and continue to let God use you. As always I am listening to the 95.7 DJ's and jamming to the sounds. Lastly, I am a single parent of one 19 year old young man. Girl that is my love child and I am so happy to have him in my life. The love that a mother gives her children are unconditional and I just can't understand if a woman would ever reject her kids. Take care. I'm not gonna talk you to death but Theresa I know you are good people, and I just want to say you go GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Darlean....Check me out on facebook sometimes. I'm all about inspiring amd motivating when I can! Darlean Richardson
01/01/2010 11:41AM
Colby Heard
wow that looks so good. keep up the great work. you are a gift the the world. Happy New Year
03/23/2010 4:39AM
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