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Pole Dancing Class Number 3

Okay Monday was my third class at the Rio Dance Studio for my pole dancing class. Okay in this class we used a chair. We had to walk around the chair with the sexy walk. You know the sexy walk consist of touching yourself and yall know that is a private matter that should only be shared with me for me!!!! Any who, after that we have to straddle the chair and imagine our significant other is in the chair. Duh!! But I just imagine my imaginary boyfriend is watching me and not laughing at me. I can't tell you his name. Okay you got me..... Larry King. I love Larry King!!!!!!! Well after straddling the chair we have to lie down in the chair and get all of our hips in the chair. Girls are falling all out the chair. Chairs were flipping over. If you are wondering if my chair flipped. You know it did!! Well I get back in the chair and then you have to lay back with your legs up in the air and keep opening and closing them. My legs are shaking like I have a nervous condition. Then we have to get up turn the chair around sit straight up with our legs again open and start swaying side to side. My legs were open some much, I was hoping that I would be able to close them after class. My stomach, legs, butt, and mind hurt!!! But of course I will be back next Monday. I think we try the pole on Monday. So if you see me with a big bruise on my head, then we were on the pole!!! Peace, “Brown Sugar” Oh yeah that's the name that I use in class!!!

10/01/2009 9:10AM
Pole Dancing Class Number 3
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10/09/2009 3:01PM
Abdull (Clyde)
Girl you are still just as crazy as you were in our NSU days...LOL Keep up the good work. Love your show. Peace, Abdull aka Clyde Wallace
03/23/2010 9:45PM
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