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2 Guys in Bowties

Trend alert!  Bowties are making a comeback.  Just ask Blaine Stewart, morning anchor at WTKR-News Channel 3.  He sported one this morning.  I wore my most recently purchased bowtie to church last Sunday and got tons of compliments and admiring glances.   Back in the 70’s I wore one to a Jackson Five concert complete with a big apple cap and a pair of knickers (I hope no pictures are circulating).  Everyone rock them back then.  Remember the butterfly bowtie?  I consider bowties and seersucker suits something of a southern tradition.  Every country doctor and lawyer wore them. (Magicians, clowns and Pee Wee Herman wear them to but that’s beside the point).  Now day’s bowties combine a sophisticated edge and Old World style.  They seem hard to tie at first but with practice it’s actually quite easy – just think of tying a shoelace knot.  Whatever you do, don’t wear a clip-on.  They’re also a good look – if you’re a 12-year-old.

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08/12/2014 9:27AM
Put A Bow On It
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08/13/2014 6:37PM
Let the CHURCH say- AMEN! Hey, brother DALE, you are "on the money"- and in a number of ways. My church choir director, STEVE JAMES inspired me. STEVE occasionally wears a BOWTIE - and he looks sharp! Steve is always a classy dresser and a stickler for detail. And THAT one little, yet, BIG detail takes style to another level. Hey, DALE, do me a favor, send me a PICTURE of you sportin' you B-T. I'll post it on my pages and blog, and test the waters to see who else out here is daring to be different. And, at some point, maybe we can put a "CAUSE" in front of the growing BOWTIE BRIGADE and make it- STYLE with SUBSTANCE!
08/14/2014 9:48AM
Put A Bow On It
You got it my friend! Guys in Bow Ties Unite!
08/27/2014 11:26AM
bow ties
Hi ironic that I see this article today as last night I cut out 8 bow ties to sew today. I will post on my FB page later today. Shelby Lol Lawson, 610-841-6741
08/28/2014 8:32AM
Put A Bow On It!
Way cool Shelby! Got any photo's you'd like to share on our Facebook page? I'd really love seeing your work. I'm really digging bow ties these days! Wat'cha got?
08/28/2014 8:54PM
Bow Ties - It All Depends
It all depends, represents those individuals that have a certain physique and who broadcast a certain presence that makes them capable sporting a bow tie. 007 looks good in one, my doctor looks good in one, I have seen some pasters on TV that looked good in one among others. I on the other hand do not have the physique to make a bow tie look good. Steve Harvey would not make a bow tie look good. He is a handsome man but I just cannot see him in a bow tie. After all, it is the bow tie that gets all of the attention. I will say however, that Dale M. has it all. He makes that bow tie look GOOD. Did you noticed how he accented the bow tie with that pocket handkerchief? When you see Dale in the above photo, don't you just get the felling that he is a real southern gentlemen, loves kids and small animals and is a guy that you could leave your kids with over the weekend. Wow, what a guy, what a Bow Tie.
10/03/2014 10:25PM
you are to kind my kind.
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