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Bob Thomas



I was riding through Hampton University the other day and I saw the Pirate marching band practicing.  It reminded me when I was in the band.  I was a drummer. Yep, member of the junior marching band while in high school.  I was dedicated and worked hard to master my instrument.  I knew, one day, the band director would promote me to the senior marching band.  And I couldn’t wait!!   Yessiree buddy!  Wearing that royal blue & white uniform, marching in a parade, performing during halftime of football games, having all the girls call out my name while I kept a ferocious beat, yeah boy, bring it on, I’m ready like Freddy.  Then the day came when the band director said, “Thomas, you’re in the senior band.”  Talk about being happy!  I heard a choir singing “Oh Hap-py Da-ayy.”  I was SO full of joy!  I felt like a kid on Christmas Day!!  Then I heard the band director add, “Be at practice tomorrow morning at 6.”  “SIX?!?  Cuse me…….Six a clock?  In da MOANIN’?”  “That’s right, six in the morning, be there.”  Yeah well, so much for being in the band!  Time to try out for the football team.  Shoot, I’m too big to be playing in the band anyway.  Funny thing, after I made the football team……. coach had us practicing at SIX IN DA MOANIN’!!!  Aw man, at least the band had girls.  You ever smelled a football locker room at SIX N DA MOANIN’?  It’ll mess up your entire day!!  Have you in home eck class all day baking cookies........just cuz it smelled good.

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08/23/2010 12:58AM
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