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I'm Just Sayin'

Tell me…… have you ever been talking with someone whose breath is beaming? I’m talking breath that puts the funk in funky, the B in BAD, the D in ….well, you know what I’m saying.  I was talking with someone just the other day and I caught a whiff of that breath……I couldn’t believe it.  I said to myself, “Whoa, that can’t be his/her breath!  Geez!  Let me say something else to him/her so I’ll know for sure.”  Well I did and he/she said something back.  WHOA, WE HAVE CONFIRMATION!  The test results are POSITIVE!  YOU GOT MAIL!  YOU ARE THE FATHER/MOTHER of this bad breath!  I ain’t got nuthin else to say to this person.  Far as I’m concerned, this conversation is OVA!  But of course, NOW, they want to talk like Lincoln doing the Gettysburg address!  And they keep using those words that start with “W-H”.  You know, WHAT, WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHY.  Those words that’ll give you a “whoosh” of breath in da face.  They’re yapping and yapping while I’m trying to hold my breath!  But now my eyes are starting to water.  I had to turn my head and fake a cough so I could get a breath of fresh air.  Meanwhile, this person is just going on and on and on and on.  I’m trying to think of a reason to excuse myself but the funk of the breath is causing my brain waves to malfunction.  Finally, I just blurted out the first thing I could think of…..”I gotta go pee!”  And I took off …….almost running!  I heard the person say “the bathroom is the other way.”  I yelled back “that’s alright, I’m going outside.”  Breath like that is not a result of onions or garlic or some other food Item.  I mean, chittlin breath doesn’t smell THIS bad.  This kind of bad breath is the result on some toxins in the body.  What’s needed is a detoxifier.  One MUST get that stuff outta the body.  Easiest way to do that is to drink some coffee but not just any old coffee.  You need some Organo Gold, the healthy coffee.  And I’m just the person that can hook you up.  Imagine drinking coffee, tea or cocoa and losing weight as well as detoxifying your body.  It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s coffee.....AND it taste good too!  Send me an email, I’ll send you some for FREE! 

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11/19/2011 1:26AM
I'm Just Sayin'
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