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Still the "KING" at the "DOMINION"

The line at Volcano, the Blast Coaster was longer than any other line we experienced.  We figured that meant this coaster was the jimmy jank (the best)………

And we were not wrong.   OH MY GOODNESS……without a doubt, Volcano, the Blast Coaster is THEEE BEST coaster I’ve ridden to date. 





Last year I rode the Griffon at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, and it scared the ba-geebers out of me…that first drop….mannnnnn….and the second drop was even scarier (cuz you didn't know it was coming); however, it doesn’t  compare to the Volcano.   To watch it from the outside is one thing……but to ride that bad boy is otherworldly.  When the ride started out, I was talking junk……”man, this ain’t nuthin……I’ve been on hobby horses (carousels) that were scarier than this, they ought  to let 4 year olds ride this turkey.”  You start off barely moving then all of a sudden …..WHOOSH….WARP FACTOR 4…that’s when I shut up….not another word from me… eyes were as BIG as PIE PLATES.  That thing was flying…..doing  corkscrews inside the dark volcano, then you’re outside negotiating a couple of tight turns, then you’re back inside the volcano and all of a sudden you’re traveling straight up (vertical baby) but your body is horizontal, you hear a loud rumbling sound and you see fire light up the opening ahead of you and ……. Whoosh…’re shot out of the Volcano upside down.   Oh…… but it’s not finished yet… comes corkscrews and you’re back in the volcano…flipping and twisting and turning, then you’re back outside, all while traveling at the speed of THOUGHT…..GEEZ…..WHAT A RUSH!!  When we finally disembarked, my legs were jelly.  I had to find a sit down place.  Luckily for us, the sit down place was an air conditioned restaurant.  Yeah, I regrouped quite nicely in there.  After eating, we decided to check out a virtual ride.  You know the kind, you’re sitting in something that moves up & down, and side to side while some computer generated video is shown thereby making you feel as if you’re experiencing what you’re seeing.  It was called the Flight of Fear…and it was inside a building.  Upon entering the building you see and go inside a space ship.  OK, yeah, this is one of those virtual rides……all right, bring it on.  So we get into these little cars and brother it’s tight…matter of fact, I’m having extreme difficulty fitting into this thing.  It’s definitely not made for long legs and a big belly.  The attendant is trying to push the bar down but my belly is in the way, so he asks me to help him push it down (mind you, I’ve just eaten).  I’m ready to get out when he says ok, I got it.  Now all you have to do is fasten the seat belt on the bar.  My legs are pinned inside the car, I can’t breathe cuz this bar is cutting of my air supply and he wants me to exert energy trying to secure a safety belt.  I told him if he couldn’t do it, then I’m getting out.  Of course, he clicked it.  Meanwhile the other attendant is telling my wife she can’t take her shoulder bag with her on the ride.  They're conversating about what to do with the bag while I’m still pinned in the car unable to breathe.  I said, “Man, do sumthin wit dat bag so we can get (whoooooooshhhhhh, we’re gone ) AHHHHHHHHHHH!  Turns out this ain’t no virtual ride…….this is an INSIDE roller coaster!!!!    Twists, turns, inversions, corkscrews…….all in the dark  and mind you…..I’ve just eaten and I’m unable to move or BREATHE.   Oh Lord, I’m fittin to die.  I’m thinking if I get out of this …….my next ride will be in the car heading home.   And it WAS too…… but I had a ball.

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09/10/2009 8:09AM
Still the "KING" at the "DOMINION"
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