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The Mid-Week Health Tip

Today starts the first mid-week health tip:

Yogurt -- that rich and creamy stuff that's full of calcium and "healthy" bacteria -- may actually help you shed pounds. In a study, when obese people followed a reduced-calorie diet that includes three 6-ounce servings of calcium-rich yogurt a day, they lost a whopping 61 percent more fat overall -- and 81 percent more fat around their waists -- compared with those who didn't eat yogurt. Why? Turns out the calcium in yogurt may hinder fat storage and boost fat loss. And calcium-rich dairy products like yogurt may contain additional fat-burning compounds as well.

That’s what they say but does it work?   I’ll let you know.

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09/23/2009 6:14AM
The Mid-Week Health Tip
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11/12/2009 8:31PM
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