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Bob Thomas

The Refrigerator Blogs

In an earlier blog, I showed an example of the office frig.  Even though, it looks a will still eat your food & drink your drinks.  So what do you do?  Leave a note, of course!

Don't think I wanna know what "Oxy" is ..... do YOU! To leave a note like THIS........ you HAD to have SOME caffeine!   Why?   Well... it looked soooooo good.  But man.... it tasted like......UGH!   What else can I do when I'm BROKE & HUNGRY!   The Post-It says it ALL!   I'll bet MY half with butter tastes better than YOUR half with magic marker!   but geez..... I only LIKE the tops!   Oooo....Kraft Light with spit...I bet ZERO calories too!     Next time.......I bet you SHARE some of that PIZZA!     As usual.....folks interpret the scripture to fit their needs.

10/27/2009 8:59AM
The Refrigerator Blogs
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10/27/2009 12:14PM
Bob this is too funny!! I cant believe people actually do some of that stuff!! Who takes a bite out of something and leaves it????
11/13/2009 1:58AM
haha cool dear.. u will need soon refrigerator water filter
03/22/2010 11:15PM
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