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Theressa Brown


Theressa's Thoughts

theressa_brown_sm My hips are so sore!!! No it's not what you may be thinking. I wish!!! You know it has been, well it's been a looooong time!!! Okay that's neither here nor there. Well anyway I am taking Pole Dancing Classes at the Rio Dance Studio, courtesy of my good friend Tanya. She not only signed me up but a couple of our girlfriends and let me tell you it is work. No I have not gotten on a pole and don't plan on getting on one, because I know that I will break my neck, back and everything else. Well we have the class for 5 weeks on Monday nights. So last night we did a lot of work on the floor. We had to do all this gyrating with our hands back like you are ready to do a back flip. We had to hold our head back and keep gyrating. That did not feel sexy to me. My head was spinning and my hips were killing me. But I kept going like I knew what I was doing. The instructor said I looked like I was pain. I was like hell yeah I’m in pain. Then we had to get in the position like you are giving birth, now who da you know what wants to get in that position. That position only reminds me of pain!!! Finally we get off the floor and start our sexy walks and riding the pony moves. Now mind you when you are doing the sexy walk you have to touch yourself. I only do that alone not around a whole lot of women!!! I felt like I was violating myself!!! After the class is over I'm exhausted. She tells us next week, we will use a chair to dance around. All I do with chairs is sit in them, now I have to do all these moves around a chair with no one in it. Just put a male mannequin in it to give me some incentive. For real, I am having fun. We have women of all ages and sizes in our class and we all feel very sexy just the way that we are. So I'm gonna soak my hips tonight and get ready for next week!!!

09/22/2009 9:17AM
Theressa's Thoughts
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09/26/2009 11:12AM
whats up girlfriend with your beatiful personalilty.Please don,t bruise those beatiful hips and body.I would like to give you a little advice;'another great way to exercise is to go out to a nice quit sitting and dance with someone you love in romantic setting and dance in a slow and romantic way'.I would hate to lose you because you bruise your hips and you are sore.I love your personality and the great love music you play. I could not stand not hearing your beatiful voice on 957rnb.I love your warm loving personality and the music you are off the chain!!! Have Fun and enjoy your self. Love you!!!!!!! Here is a rose just for you.Bye PPPPPPPPPPPretty WIngggggssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03/23/2010 2:27AM
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