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Posts from October 2012

Back to Blogging..... Hello Again

Well a lot has changed since the last time I blogged. And here it goes……. Kristin is in her second year of college. Collin is tenth grade and is doing great. My dog Meesha is still spoiled and mean as ever. And me……. Well I didn’t get married. Will I ever marry you may ask? Only the good Lawd knows. Some say, I did not marry because I am too mean, others say I did not marry because I am stuck in my ways, and the majority says, I did not get married, because I needed stronger medication!! I agree with all three!!!

Moving right along to my weight…... The last time we spoke I lost a great deal of weight. But  somehow the weight has made itself back onto my body in the form of fried chicken, pizza, wine, wine, wine, and oh yeah more wine. So I’m back to losing weight again. It’s nothing wrong with losing things, I have lost my mind and it’s been the greatest feeling ever!!! Hell I don’t even want my mind back!!  On a sad note, my brother Ronnie passed suddenly in March and I’m still grieving his death. My heart hurts as I write this. My assurance is… Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal. Rest in Peace Ronnie I will see you on the other side. 

Things that are still the same….I still miss and want my mother more than you will ever know. I still love the hymns of the church and sing them daily at home of course. I still don’t like people. I still love hanging out with my children and giving back to my community. I still love God and believe that heaven is my final home. I still don’t like writing blogs but I have too, because my boss made it mandatory. So I’ll talk with you in the next blog and the blog after that, and the blog after that, and so on…. And so on… and so on….. Because I need my job……Blessings 

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