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Posts from June 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!
Now that I have turned 47 years old, this is What I Know for Sure…..

I should have gotten that boob job ten years ago, because if these things get any longer I will be jumping rope with them.

The definition of Poise no longer means to me: to place or hold in a steady position. It now means something I have to wear to protect me when I laugh, sneeze or cough.

I really do not like people!

My th...ighs rub together so hard when I walk; I think that somebody is barbequing! Then I say to myself, Lawd Jezus it’s a Fire!

A glass of wine does the body good, but a bottle of wine does the body great!

Menopause has me sweating like I stole something, crying for no reason, gaining weight like I’m pregnant, mad cause I can’t remember one day from the next, sleeping in an ungodly fashion, waking up every morning with a TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro) and going bald errwhere!! I’m literally a hot mess!

I still love spending time with Kristin and Collin. I’m so thankful for them!

I have learned to forgive myself.

I believe in paying tithe

My favorite hymn is, “Oh How I Love Jesus.” I still cry every time hear it.

My teeth hurt! Moyock here I come!

I miss my mommie and my brother Ronnie

I want to spend the rest of my life helping children

I still believe in love. Now will I ever marry again well…..ain’t nobody got time for dat!

I want to go heaven

I am a loner

I have finally accepted that I will never get back to a size 5. I have embraced my size 10, but why is size 12 starring me in my face!

I want to live in Nice, France

Cussing is a stress reliever

I have one best friend and a possible

Sounds come out of me in the mornings that are not suitable for the human ear or nose

Church is good for my soul

I laugh more than I cry, eat more than I should, talk to myself and answer myself daily, sing off key, cuss every now and then, ask for forgiveness often, pray every day, and love God with all my heart, mind, body and soul

For all of you who know the words of prayer, pray my strength in the Lawd and you shall have my prayers
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