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Theressa?s Midday Moment for Thursday July 8, 2010

Today I want to encourage you to join me by starting a, “Thankful Journal.” This journal will be filled with all the things that you are thankful to God for whether big or small. You may say Theressa I got so much going on in my life right now. The economy is out of control, my job is driving me crazy, and I have more bills than money. My children are driving me nuts! I just feel like my back is up against the wall and I don’t which way to turn. What do I have to be thankful for? Well have you really thought that although the economy may be out of control, God is yet providing for you? You have roof over your head and day after day God continues to put his protective shield over your home to protect you and your family keeping you from all hurt, harm and danger. He provides food on your table, cause God knows half of us could miss a few meals and still be okay. So for real for real, you are not starving. You talk about your job is driving you crazy but baby you still have a job. Do you know how many people who are out of work who would love to have your job? Ask God to help you find another one and step out on faith. Remember promotion comes from God. You talk about your bills. Well ask God to show how to be a good steward of your money. You say your children are driving you crazy. That’s what children do. Whose children aren’t getting on their last nerve? Just talk to God about them and ask Him to show you how to raise those children and remember spare the rod spoil the child!! And you say that your back is up against the wall. That’s where God wants you to be. So you can turn to Him and He can do what he does best, turn the situation around, work it out in your favor, grant you the desires of your heart, open up the windows of heaven and pour you out blessings that you don’t have room enough to receive. So grab your notebook, start with a piece of paper, grab a sticky note, do whatever you got to do and start that “Thankful Journal” today. Start telling God thank you for all His many blessings that He has bestowed upon you. Remember when you are thankful over a few things, God will make you ruler over many things.

07/08/2010 8:07AM
Theressa’s Midday Moment for Thursday July 8, 2010
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