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Celebrating 2 Months of Going Natural with My Hair!!

Well it’s been 2 months since I started my natural hair journey.
And it’s been a journey. I so enjoyed having my hair being fried, dyed and laid to the side! But as my barber convinced me on that
warm summer day when I sat in his chair, he said, “Baby girl it’s going to be the best decision that you can make for your hair."
Since my hair was thinning and breaking off either I would go bald or start the natural hair journey. So I chose the natural hair journey.
I’m still learning to get comfortable with it. I thank everyone for all the wonderful compliments that I have received since starting this
journey. They have really helped me tremendously. I am also thankful that my hair is no longer thinning and breaking off. My hair feels
healthier and stronger. I’ve learned so much from watching the, “TWA,” (teeny weenie afro) videos online.  Thank you to all my natural hair sistas and sistas period for the love. Please feel free to share your stories and experiences about your natural hair journey. #2monthsnaturalhair
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Great time meeting Comedian George Willborn #stressreliever

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2015 Ford Neighborhood Awards in Atlanta!

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6 Weeks Natural!

Still rocking the natural hair now for 6 weeks! Still learning and working through it.
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Thank you for welcoming Me to the Natural Hair World

Well it's a month that I have been natural! I just want to thank
you all for all your encouragement, support, as well as your
tips on how to care for my hair. It's a journey that I had not
planned, but learning to embrace.What I knoiw for sure about
life is that it has a way of allowing things to happen to push
you closer to whatever your calling or destiny may be.
Life also serves as a classroom.
Sometimes the lessons that are taught in class are
easy and some are not, but when you learn the lesson
you are better equipped to take on life and also you are
required to share with others what you have learned to
help them so that they may know that you made it
through and so can they. So as I continue on this
natural hair journey ,I am patiently waiting and looking
for the lessons so that I can share with others and
be a blessing.
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The Chop... Now What?

Starting the natural journey was the furthest thing from my mind.
I enjoyed my short cut and my edges fried dyed and laid to the side,
but when my hair started thinning on the top and began breaking off
all over and I started looking more like Tyrone, than Theressa, I
knew I had to do something. My barber told me to just cut it all
off and go natural. The thought of going natural gave me nightmares
. See when God was passing out hair, I was the last in line so by
the time I got to Him all the good hair was gone and I had to take
what was left and it wasn’t much or good. But in everything give thanks.
So I said, Thank you Jesus! I never liked my natural hair because it
was nappy and I just knew by going natural, I would be immediately
shipped back to the motherland.  But the more and more I woke up
looking like Tyrone I knew something had to be done. So I called my
barber and said let’s do this. I went to the barbershop the next
morning scared….scared that I would look even scarier, mad…
mad that all my hair was falling out, and sad…sad because
this was the last thing I needed on my already full plate.
When I sat in the chair, he said you ready to do this baby girl.
I just nodded slowly. He then said wait a minute, and he
comes back with a chilled glass chardonnay and says just take
a couple of sips to calm down. I say thank you and took it
straight to the head and then start smiling immediately
afterward. I felt better with a quickness. He then started
cutting my hair with the clippers and telling me how beautiful
I was going to look afterward. I just sat there head still spinning
from the wine looking just as crazy as ever! He then took the
scissors and started clipping the straight ends of hair, which
he said was from the perm and gave me an edge up and it was
over. He turned my chair around to the mirror and said there you
go beautiful. I just starred at myself for a minute, touched my hair,
which was soft to my surprise and said, I’m not ready.” He said yes
you are baby girl, you are going to get so many compliments because
you got the head and the face for this. Of course I didn’t believe him,
but I said okay and thanks. I gave him a hug and asked for the rest
of the wine so I could drink it when I got home. Much to my surprise,
he already had me a bottle to congratulate me for taking this step. I
gave him another hug and walked out. I reached in my purse pulled
out my baseball cap, put it on my head and drove home.
On the drive home, I thought, “how was I really going to walk around
like this?’ What do I say when someone says, “What did you do
to your hair?”  My response to the question would be to cuss, but I’m
working hard on this Christian walk so I couldn’t do that. Well if they got
on my nerves I would cuss, then ask for forgiveness.  I thought……do I
wear different clothes now, what if I have to host an event, my head is
going to be looking a hot mess. Then I got to take a million pictures.
Lawd! I thought you were supposed to feel free, when you go natural.
Nothing is free but my mind, it’s freely driving me crazy about my hair!
I get home and of course the children and the dog all run to greet me
and want to see what my hair looks like, I just tell them, I’m now Mr.
Tyrone and leave me alone.  They just start laughing and say come
on mommy, we don’t care about your hair, you are our mommy and
you are still beautiful to us. I look at them like get out of my face. I
then take my cap off and say here it is. They stared at me like, she
really is Mr. Tyrone. Collin finally says you look fine mommy. Kristin
says it’s different, but it looks nice. I just walk away from them and
go in the bathroom and stare at just like the children did. I thought to
myself well girl suck it up, it’s your new normal and the pity party is now over.
I then headed out to the store to buy the products my barber told to
purchase. I bought the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, the
Eco Olive Oil Gel, Coconut Oil, and the Jamaican Black Castor Oil.
These are the products I’m using right now and I’m now in my 3rd
week with being natural and still not comfortable with it yet to be
honest. I know it’s going to take some time, so I’ll keep you posted
on my progress. Please feel free to share tips, products that you
are using, or even your story. Until next week…… Cheers!
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Going Natural! Bye Perms! Scared but got to do it! Advice??

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Kristin and Collin's Graduation Party!

Thank you to Qdoba and Applebee's for catering!
Thank you to Ernest Lee for the Fruit Tray!
Thank you to G's Cake Shop for the cakes!
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Collin Graduated from Cape Henry Collegiate! Congrats Baby!

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Friday Flashback Picture with Kristin at 6 years old and Collin at 3 years old!

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Graduation Day at The College of William and Mary! Kristin did it!

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My Baby Girl is Graduating from College!

On May 16, 2015 my daughter Kristin Bria will be graduating from The College of William and Mary with a BA in Theater and Government. It seems like just yesterday when I dropped her off in kindergarten. I remember telling Kristin that she was smart, beautiful, that education is the passport to the future, that hard work and good grades pays off  and to have integrity. I know you my think that's a lot to tell a kindergartner, but I wanted to start instilling in her early these important values. I remember the evening before I was to have my ultrasound. I was lying on the couch and the baby kicked for the first time, it startled me so I sat up. When I sat up, I heard a voice that said. "It's a her Kristin."  And I did! Kristin I am so proud of all your accomplishments. Your are a very beautiful and talented young lady. As I write this... I can't stop the tears from streaming down my eyes, but I truly  thank God  for allowing me to bring you into this world. What a blessing you have been in my life. Congratulations! I love you so much! Continue to put God first and He will take you places that you never dreamed of! #williamandmary
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The Annual Living Legends Honors

Last weekend I was humbled and honored at The Annual Living Legends of Hampton Roads Honors. I received the, "Lifetime Achievement Award," for the community work I've done. Thank you to Raytron White and his staff for the recognition. Also thank you to Terez Dean for taking the pictures

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The Moonlight Cruise...

Thanks to everyone who hung out with me on the 95-7 R&B Moonlight Valentines Cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk. We had lots of boxes of chocolate to giveaway as well beautiful candy bouquets.

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Hanging out with a good friend!

Whew! What a weekend! The highlight of my weekend was hanging out with good friend and mentor Doc Christian.
Doc gave me my first start in radio back in 1990. He is one of the best in the business and to just sit and talk with him just made my weekend. Thank you Doc Christian for all the wisdom, knowledge, and time that you poured into my life. I will be forever grateful!

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