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Tis the Season

Well, it’s that time of year, the Season of Giving.  Unfortunately, seems like receiving has precedence over giving.  There’s so much junk out there, all in the name of turning a buck.  One of the old favorites that shows up every year around this time is …..The Chia Pet!  There are so many chias it’s crazy. There are chia people and now chia animals.  The people grow chia hair and the animals grow chia fur.  Chia lamb, chia kitty, chia dog, chia rat, chia roach…..well, maybe not rat and roach but seems like everything else.  Have you ever got a Chia Pet for Christmas?  No? Well somebody has cause they keep coming back.  Herpes recurs  less.

Here’s a new one… the Stretch Genie.  It’ll stretch your shoes if they’re too tight.  Stretch them from a B to a C or a C to a D.  Just spray it in the shoe and leave it overnight.  Next morning PERFECT FIT!  All for only $9.99.  Here’s an easier way, try on your shoes BEFORE you buy them.  If they don’t fit, then you must quit……trying to wear ‘em.  

Moving on, here’s a good gift…NOT!  It’s Stick & Click, only $9.95.  They’re lights that you can stick anywhere you need light.  They have adhesive on the back allowing you to stick ‘em.  Actually, I bought some of them one year.  I figured…great idea…..until I turned them on.  The light emitting from them was so low, I couldn’t find them in the dark.

Which brings me to another item that a friend bought, it’s called Riddex and for only $19.95, it gets rid of household pests like roaches and mice.  You plug it into an outlet and wham…..pests all gone.  I’m at a friend’s house and he’s got one plugged up.  I asked him if it worked.  He says “I ain’t seen no bugs or nothing since I plugged it in.”  Instead of looking around the house, he should’ve looked at that Riddex plugged in the wall cause there was a roach standing right on top of it with its’ antennae twitching so much, it must have been sending out Morse code.   I guess it was telling all the other roaches to stay away cuz  ain’t no food up in this camp…..not even crumbs or grease on a plate.  My partner eats everything.  He’s not 500 pounds for nothing.

A few years ago I bought a Steamer Basket cause I like steamed shrimp and steamed broccoli.  You put the food in the basket and put the basket inside a pot containing a little water.  And that’s exactly what I did with my shrimp….. left em in there for about five minutes…… opened the pot and was surprised to see, my shrimp had multiplied.  Oh Happy Da-ay!  I scooped em out of the pot and onto a plate and I was ready for Freddy…….till I noticed, this ain’t just shrimp…….it’s also the BASKET!  All broke down into pieces the same size as and resembling  the shrimp.  It gave a whole new meaning to ‘shrimp in a basket’.  

There are a lot of other Christmas gifts out there too.  The Justin Bieber singing toothbrush.  Yeah, Justin Bieber in your mouth…..singing.  The Soap Dispenser, just wave your hand under it and it dispenses soap perfectly….for 3 days (my brother had one).  HD vision sunglasses, which actually work and you look good in them too.  Yep, I still have a pair…wish they were prescription though and of course, the Perfect Pancake Maker.  Already got one of those, I call it ……my wife.

Anyway, here’s hoping you get what you want for Christmas and even more so, here’s hoping you give something that’s priceless.  It occurred to me some time ago that we’re all on this earth to help each other.   Whatever it is you can do to be a blessing to someone else, please DO IT!  And continue to do it, YEAR ROUND.  Blessed Christmas Wishes to you and your family.

Bob Thomas

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12/14/2012 8:30AM
Tis the Season
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