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Charles Black



I was surfing the net yesterday(showing my age right there),when I came up on a debate about Tyler Perry.Someone said his movies are bad for african americans because of the images they project.I was very surprised at how deep the emotions were.Several folks had a problem with him being in drag.Wow.When I think about how much Sonia loves Tyler Perry,how much her girls love him,and how much 95-7rnb listeners love him,well a brother was amazed. I know nobody asked me but since this is my blog,and I've got a second let me say,I'm cool with T.P.His movies are not for errbody what movie is?I enjoy the comedy,the message,the niche that they fill,and I love the brother for giving black actors work.CAUSE WE ALL GOTTA WORK.You know a movie is just someone's vision.When you watch one you pretty much take a ride with them.So take it for what it's worth.BUT.What do you think?I would love to know.Hit me up.

09/29/2009 8:25AM
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03/23/2010 8:09PM
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