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Theressa Brown


Turning 44 on June 5th!!!!

What I know for sure as I turn 44!!! I can no longer go commando, (meaning not wearing any underwear), because if I laugh too hard, sneeze or cough, I will tinkle on myself I think about sex more than I care to talk about My hormones are whacked!! Gray hair grows everywhere and it looks scary! My hot flashes are so bad that my hair sweats back to an afro I have to sleep with a fan directly on me all night because I sweat so much Sleeping naked is only scary when the cover is off I love red wine I have three best friends and one of them is questionable I will always have fried chicken once a month I still like my children of course I will always love them I enjoy sitting down every evening with my children to have dinner Cellulite is now my friend When I wake up in the morning it takes me ten minutes to realize who I am and where I am I don’t like people I can’t see at night My twins are growing longer and I can do tricks with them I want to be in love A secret is never a secret, because someone will always reveal to someone else what you shared with them I can’t remember one day to the next I repeat myself often I want to vacation in Hawaii I want to go back to France I love to give I like talking on the phone to my sisters I still miss my mama I love God I believe in paying tithes My patience is thin I can say,” No,” and not care what you think It’s hard to loose weight especially around the stomach I think about sex more than I care to talk about. Oops, I said that already. I told you that I repeat things. But that was worth repeating!!! My stomach and my twins are closer than I ever wanted them to be My thighs rub together so much, I am scared when I walk I may start a fire I miss my nice thighs I know God forgives Forgiveness is not so much for the person, but forgiveness is for you I love going to church My children need me less than I want to admit I still can’t cook I love walks on the beach I don’t like crowds I am shy I like spending time alone I love hymns I want to spend the rest of my life helping children Every now and then you got to cuss somebody out and it’s all good I want to live in a house near the water I love to laugh and joke around I cry often I’m okay with me I love the color black I love the Fall season I love sitting in front of a fire place I enjoy watching and reading love stories I am moody I know how to get up and leave when I am ready to go When I have to go to the bathroom, I gotta go. I can no longer hold it!!! My teeth are now teef!! I know God loves me I want to go to heaven

06/02/2010 9:04AM
Turning 44 on June 5th!!!!
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06/03/2010 1:35PM
You are absolutely CRAZY!!!!!! LOL.. You go girl, wit yo' 44 year old self! (We have so much in common!) Happy Birthday! Renate
06/04/2010 8:44AM
I love this. I have a birthday coming up and I used this to think of some things about myself to share with my Family and Friends. Be blessed
06/05/2010 7:40AM
Congrats and Happy Birthday. I also turned 44 last month and boy did I feel it when I got out of bed that morning. Luckily for me I took my vacation around that time. Take care "June Gemini"
07/17/2010 2:04PM
Mrs. Williams
Hey I know this late responding but you and I birthday is on JUNE 5th!!! Keep up the good work strong black woman...
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