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Cocoa Butter

Welcome Back to school

I just wanted to take the time to say welcome back to school to all of the future.  Know that you are the future, and make the most of your present while you are learning.  And I suggest that you listen to President Obama's speech about your returning to school, because on those rainy days, when everything seems to be too challenging, you can always refer back to the President's great advice.  And please know this, they can never take prayer out of school, because they can never take prayer out of you.  You can talk to the Creator anytime you want to, without closing your eyes or bowing your head.  Now go forth and be great, because you are our future. bakari-and-rodney-piclynasia-pop-and-lil-ccocoa-and-baby-at-eddies-2 lynasia-and-lil-cdarrens-baby-brothermy-mom-insurance-fights-091wait a minute...I'm still a baby...Ok...well let's just PLAY then!!!

09/12/2009 5:10AM
Welcome Back to school
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09/12/2009 2:26PM
Hey Tonyaaaaaaaaaa lol Just showing u some love. Be bless and sucka free.
09/28/2009 5:50AM
Cocoa Butter
Hey mama, love you back. Smooches!
03/23/2010 8:24AM
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