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Bob Thomas


What A Week!

What a week this has been!!  Wow!!  It started off pretty tame.  My wife and I have invested in a new television show and the debut was last Saturday and it went well.  A few bugs to work out but hey, all in all, I was quite pleased.  We went to church the following day and heard a dynamic speaker. He was funny and highly relatable. Matter of fact, he was so good, I had to see him after service and tell him how much I enjoyed the message. Now don't get me wrong, the regular pastor can "go" (that means he's good) but this guy was good in a different kind of way. I even hung around after church just to talk with people (something I don't do...especially during football season). Hey, I was inspired! Then came the middle of the week with all of that RAIN!!! Usually, rain doesn't bother me. I'm a veteran of the U.S. Army and one of the first things they taught me was that it doesn't rain in the Army..... it rains ON the Army. But that amount and intensity of rain was unbelievable. Can you say "Ark." But still, no big deal......until I discovered a leak in my bathroom. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate (do your business) when water is dripping on your head? I thought I was a prisoner at Abu Ghraib. Then on the way to the radio station, I was in an accident. My poor little truck was tore all to.....well, it was WRECKED! I couldn't believe it! Talk about being despondent and depressed (and still am to a certain degree). My knee was banged up a little but all I could think about was MY TRUCK! I got the wife to pick me up and on the way home, I picked up a bottle of wine. She laughed but personally, I didn' t see anything funny. I took four sips out of that bottle (I don't drink) and forgot all about any and everything. Next thing I knew, it was the next day. She laughed again and said, "You only had four sips." I guess she forgot the time that she smelled the contents of an empty wine bottle and was out for hours. But I digress, the accident made me reflect on the fraility of life. Things can be fine one minute and the next're gone. So take time to enjoy life. Live to the fullest! Appreciate those things that you have and don't worry about what you don't have. Help others whether someone helps you or not. LOVE OTHERS, regardless of race, creed, nationality, or social-economic status. To paraphase Michael, Make sure the man in the mirror is the man you want to be and then make this world a better place for you and for me.

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10/04/2010 7:32PM
What A Week!
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